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Second Half Live Thread: Kansas

The Border War Continues...

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Who: No. 2 Kansas Jayhawks vs. No. 3 Missouri Tigers
Halftime Score: 14-0


Migrate over to this post for the second half. Bandwidth and comments on the other post were getting ridiculous.


Second-half live blog below the jump.

9:01 - And the second half begins.  Instead of the high directional kick, it was a squib right at an up guy, and KU will start near midfield.  Not a fan of that.  My gut says KU scores on this drive.  

9:02 - My wife's gut disagrees.

9:02 - Third-and-3 for KU...this would be a HUGE stop early.  Not to be, as Fine makes a nice catch for the first...and Bridges with a 15-yard face mask.  Ouch.  KU already to the Mizzou 17.

9:04 - An incompletion and a stuffed run, and it's 3rd-and-9.

9:05 - My wife's gut was dead on.  Reesing was WAY behind his receiver, Bridges picked it, and returned it to the KU 40.  HUGE.  Reesing is way off his game.  Throat.  Stomp.  Now.

9:06 - Nice run by Derrick Washington on the screen pass.  First down at the KU 27.

9:08 - Direct snap to Rucker for the first time in a few games.  He fakes the pass and gets a couple yards before Joe Mortensen lights him up pretty good.  That play worked early in the season, but it's too predictable now.

9:09 - Will Franklin with a TOUGH run to the 1, where it will be first-and-goal!  KU is not tackling well...

9:10 - TD, Jimmy Jackson!  Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm...I'm talking to myself, not Mizzou.  21-0.

9:13 - This is KU's biggest deficit of the season.  Well duh.

9:14 - Another pooch kick, and it hits the ground...a lucky bounce, and that would have landed right in Tremane Vaughns' hands.  First-and-10 KU at their 32.

9:15 - Nice screen to Briscoe for a first down...first down at the KU 47.

9:16 - Nice run by McAnderson for about 7, but I guess he was down before he fumbled.  Yup, he was down.

9:17 - Dammit, Mizzou's challenging the call.  That's a wasted timeout.

9:19 - Uhh, they're showing MU-KU basketball highlights during the back-from-commercial, "Brought to you by..." segment.  Weird.

9:20 - Yup, wasted timeout.  That, or it wasn't a challenge, and they just called timeout.  In which case...well, still not a well-placed timeout.

9:20 - Diving reception by Dezmon Briscoe to the Mizzou 5.  He's brought his A-game today...we almost got to Reesing again, but he made a nice throw, and Justin Garrett was burned.  Moment of silence for Pig Brown.  KU's earned these points...assuming they score.

9:21 - Third-and-goal from about the 1.5 yardline.  Mangino?  Still looking a little stunned.

9:22 - TD, Kansas.  McAnderson was just a little too big for Moore to drag down in the open field.  Still PLENTY of time left in the game (7:22 in Q3), and it's 21-7.

9:25 - Deep breaths.

9:26 - Maclin returns it to about the 31...he never actually had a chance to break that one, but it feels like he does every time he touches the ball.  Alright, boys...keep scoring.

9:28 - After an 8-yarder to Rucker, Temple breaks a nice run for a Mizzou first down.  Temple has 98 yards rushing so far.

9:28 - Musberger just called the Mizzou spread an "acquired taste for Gary Pinkel"...yeah...that's one way to say it.

9:29 - Third-and-1 from the KU 44.  Herbstreit just called this an "important drive" 13 times in one sentence.

9:30 - First down, Jimmy Jackson!

9:31 - Maclin with a gorgeous run for a TD, but a flag was thrown.  This pretty much has to be against us.  Yup, holding on Franklin.  Will has had an extremely forgettable game.  And MAN did Maclin make that run look easy...just froze one guy at a time all the way down the field.  But now it's 2nd-and-10 instead.

9:32 - KU brings the blitz and doesn't even touch Daniel, who calmly fires to Alexander for 17 yards.

9:33 - Nice pass to Saunders, and it's third-and-3 from the KU 17.  HUGE play for KU right here...holding us to a FG would be at least a small victory.  Chase is 28-for-33, by the way.

9:34 - Timeout, Mizzou.

9:35 - Daniel finds Saunders again, and it's another Mizzou first down.  He's had great protection, and he's been able to consistently find his second, third, and fourth option on pass plays.

9:36 - False start on Ryan Madison...I still don't think we've had a ton of penalties today, but we've had a ton for us.  It's 8 for 85...nevermind, that's a lot for anybody.

9:37 - It's Alexander again, down to the 2.

9:38 - Third-and-1 from the 2...this drive just went over 5:30...screen to Washington, and he FREAKING SCORES.  HELL YEAH.  KU fans all just realized "They're way better than us".  28-7.

9:40 - Another squib kick, but this one squirts through to the 25...KU returns to the 35.  That's just fine.

9:41 - Nice pass to Fields out past midfield, first down Kansas.  Once again, we've blanketed their #1 option (Henry), and that's opened up some opportunities for the #2 and #3 options (Fields and Briscoe).  Credit Reesing for not forcing it to Henry.

9:42 - Do NOT credit Reesing for throwing one straight into the ground right there.

9:43 - Reesing is hit as he throws, and it's incomplete...his arm was certainly moving forward, but the whistle came really late.  I got my hopes up for a sec.

9:44 - All-out blitz on third-and-10...Reesing avoids the rush and takes off, but Bridges cuts him off 3 yards short.  KU has no choice but to go for it.

9:44 - KU's last gasp right here...fourth-and-3...and the quarter ends first.  On to the 4th...15 minutes away from San Antonio...

9:47 - Alright, here we go...fourth-and-3...Reesing scrambles and finds Marcus Henry at the last freaking second.  Del Howard was a step too late.

9:48 - Dammit...late pass interference call on Moore, and it'll be first-and-goal from the 10.  It might have been a penalty, but the ref 5 yards away didn't call it...the back judge called it.  Hate that.

9:49 - KU has to burn a timeout.

9:51 - HUGE penalty on KU...Anthony Collins tore Ziggy Hood's helmet off, and it's first and 26...

9:52 - Sulak lights Reesing up and almost forces a fumble.  But then Willy Mo commits a personal foul WAY after the play.  Pretty weak personal foul, really, but it's first-and-10 from the 14.  We're making them eat up more clock, at least.

9:53 - Third-and-2 for Kansas from the Mizzou 5 after another nice catch by Briscoe...he has 72 yards receiving.  All-out blitz forces a bad pass.  You know it was a bad pass if it was too high for Marcus Henry.  Dude's like 7'0 tall.  

9:54 - Fourth-and-2, and KU has to go for it.  Naked bootleg for Reesing, and he scores.  Weatherspoon hit him pretty good, but he got in.  13:02 left, and it's 28-14.  One more score for Mizzou, and I'll feel comfortable.

9:57 - Kirk is pulling for Helio Castroneves in Dancing with the Stars.  Good to know.

9:58 - Jeremy Maclin just had the most exciting 5-yard kick return ever.  They tried to pooch it away from him, and he sprinted up to catch it...dropped it...hopped over two KU defenders, broke a tackle, almost broke it open...then went down.  My heart just stopped.

9:59 - Daniel goes deep to Maclin, and Thornton hit him a hair before the ball got there.  No call.  Awesome.  Even Herbstreit says bad call.

10:00 - Temple breaks a nice gain to midfield, but there's a flag down, and I'm sure it's on us.  Illegal substitution.  Ugh.  We need a damn call here.  It's 2nd-and-15, and my stomach's knotting up.

10:01 - Maclin takes a swing pass and gets the first down easily.  Knot loosens up.  Daniel is 11-for-12 in the second half.  Can't wait to see what our success rate is for this game.

10:02 - Musberger just called Russell Brorsen "Bronson"...which is way cooler.

10:03 - Nice spot for Maclin as he takes another swing pass and races to the first down marker.  First-and-10, though I'd like for the clock to run on a few more of these.  Still 11:53 left.

10:03 - ANOTHER freaking flag...holding on Kurtis Gregory.  That's 126 yards in penalties today.  1st-and-20.

10:04 - MOTHERRUCKER.  Defender falls down, and Rucker gets a first down to the KU 29.  TICK...T-T-T-TIIIICK...

10:05 - Franklin drops a pass that would have gone for a first down.  DAMN is he having a bad game.  That brings up a third-and-6 from the 26 or so.

10:05 - Good pressure, and Daniel has to throw it away.  Long field goal coming, a 43-yarder.

10:06 - Freaking automatic.  Wolfert nails the 43-yarder, and it's 31-14 with 9:55 left.  Hope the clock operator is an MU fan.

10:09 - Marcus Herford actually gets his hands on a kickoff for once and returns it to the KU 43.

10:11 - A couple quick passes, and KU's to the MU 42 with just 14 seconds off the clock.  9:41 left.

10:12 - Third-and-5 from the MU 37...nice fade to Meier for a first down at the MU 15.  KU's WR's are making nice catches on the deep balls.  TICK...TICK...T-T-T-TICK...under 9 minutes left...

10:13 - TD, Dexton Fields.  Another nice fade route, and I'm pretty sure it was Justin Garrett who was once again beaten.  This wouldn't be a game if Pig Brown was healthy.  Just sayin'.  31-21.

10:17 - Alright, Mizzou ball at their 37 with 8:25 left.  Oh, nevermind.  Mizzou called timeout before the kickoff.  Weird.  That's their last timeout, and KU will kick again.

10:21 - It's a pooch kick, covered well, and Mizzou will take over at their 26.

10:22 - Sliding catch by Maclin at the MU 47...first down, baby.  Under 8 minutes to go...

10:23 - Another end around to Maclin, another hold.  Ugh.  This time on Rucker.  Instead of 3rd-and-2, it's 2nd-and-16.  Short dump to Maclin, and it's 3rd-and-14.  Oy.  7:00 to go...

10:24 - DANARIO FREAKING ALEXANDER.  Ran to the first down marker, and the ball was waiting for him.  Sixteen-yard gain, and it's first down from the KU 42.  8 catches, 117 yards for Alexander.  My wife just pronounced his first name Dan-a-rino.  I like that better.

10:26 - Good GOD do I love Chase Daniel.  He pump-faked a couple times, scrambled, bought a ton of time...and found a wide open Maclin for another first down at the KU 30.  That puts Mizzou over 500 yards of offense.

10:27 - Temple just lost about 5 yards, and I'm pretty sure he's back under 100 yards...under 5 minutes to go...

10:28 - Third-and-9 for Mizzou, and KU will call a timeout with 4:21 remaining.

10:29 - Chase runs for about 5 yards, and that will bring Wolfert out again.  This will be a 43-yarder...

10:30 - Freaking automatic.  That kick looked exactly like the last one, and it's 34-21 with 3:31 left.

10:31 - Another squib, and it's returned by Jake Sharp to the 36.  One more stop, guys.  One more stop.

10:32 - Kirk and Musberger are trying to come up with the craziest BCS scenario imagineable.  Meanwhile, Dexton Fields makes a nice catch-and-run to the Mizzou 40.  TICK...TICK...T-T-T-TIIIIIIICK...

10:33 - Todd Reesing has 316 yards passing.  Who knew?

10:34 - Third-and-3 for KU with 3:05 remaining...ONE MORE FREAKING STOP, GUYS.

10:34 - Ziggy Hood almost gets the sack...Justin Garrett almost gets the pick...and it's fourth-and-3.

10:34 - Reesing scrambles to the 26...ugh.  2:47 left, and KU's got another first down.

10:35 - Garrett has another almost-pick...ugh.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.  ONE MORE STOP.

10:35 - Meier with another first down to the 15.  2:28 left.

10:36 - Still paranoid.  And Mangino's got to be wearing a 7XL coat.

10:36 - McAnderson battles to the 5 for another first down...UGH.  2:17 left...

10:37 - TD, Marcus Henry.  2:03 left, and it's 34-28.  On-side kick coming.  I'm going to throw up.

10:38 - Here we go.  Please, please, please, please, please recover this.  My wife has twirled her hair into one giant knot.

10:39 - I love Tommy Saunders.  Mizzou ball.

10:40 - Temple for 2 yards...KU will save their timeout.  TICK...TICK...TICK...second down will come with about 1:15 left.

10:40 - Daniel for 4 yards to the KU 35, and KU calls their final timeout with 1:15 left.  Third-and-5 for Mizzou coming up.  Convert this, and it's over.  Don't convert this, and I'm going to pass out.

10:41 - Here we go.  Gag.  Temple stopped for no gain, and fourth down will come with about 0:30 left...what do you do here?  Punt it and try to pin KU at the 1?

10:42 - Delay of game with :27 left, and we'll now punt.  I feel so sick to my stomach right now.

10:43 - Talib fields the punt at the 3 and returns it to the 10.  KU needs a miracle, but they're playing MU.  Miracles happen.

10:44 - Ballgame.  The entire Mizzou D-Line meets Reesing in the endzone for a safety.  I will now attempt to exhale.  It's 36-28 with 0:12 left, Todd Reesing has a face mask full of sod, and Mizzou's about to become the #1 team in the country.

10:45 - I just said Mizzou's about to become the #1 team in the country.  As long as they field the free kick, that is.

10:46 - Marcus Woods fields the free kick.  That's awesome.   God bless you, Marcus. Victory formation coming.

10:47 - Victory formation, gatorade bath, #1 ranking, North title, OU in San Antonio, et cetera.  Go crazy, folks.  Hoo boy.