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Poll Watch: #1 in AP, #2 in Coaches Poll...

With Ross on his way home, I figured I'd go ahead and post this...Mizzou being #1 in the country was important enough to make sure it was at the top of the page...

We're apparently still waiting for the Harris poll, but the AP and Coaches Polls are up.  What's interesting is how different the two are at the top.  In the AP poll, Mizzou got over twice as many first-place votes as West Virginia, but the overall point margin was only 30 points...meaning a decent amount of people picked Mizzou #3 or #4.  In the Coaches poll, it was the exact opposite.  WV got over twice the first-place votes, but the margin was only 13 points, meaning it was West Virginia getting a lot of the #3 or #4 votes.  In last week's Harris poll, MU and WV managed a tie, but the thing to notice is that KU got 13 of the 113 first-place votes.  If that many people were that impressed with KU, then you figure MU will probably get their first-place votes.  Reminder: the AP Poll doesn't figure into the BCS, so we probably need to be #1 in the Harris poll if we want to be #1 in the BCS...and this guy says we'll be #1 in the BCS.  I'll update this post when the Harris poll is released.

UPDATE, 2:46 PM: Harris poll is up (pdf file), and Mizzou's #1 by 26 points.

UPDATE: 3:32 PM: Yup, Mizzou is #1 in the BCS.