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It's getting a little dusty in here...

...just finished watching This Week in Mizzou Football, and they did an achingly good tribute to the senior class, replete with quotes from the seniors...from Martin Rucker to Travis Cardoza.  They shared their fondest memories (Crossett's game-winning FG and sprint to the 25 yardline to dedicate the win to AO was particularly emotional, and I got chills watching Pig Brown's FR TD against Illinois with Mike Kelly's radio call) know, it's one thing that this team has done so well; it's another that they're so close, so tightly-knit, and so full of good people.  If every team had senior leadership like this one, we'd never have another losing season.

The best part, of course, was when the segment ended and Pinkel was welling up and struggling to keep himself together.  I knew from his first press conference that Gary Pinkel was the kind of man I wanted as my team's coach.  The way he carried himself...the way he believed in his system but still tweaked it every offseason (the best ones know there's always some way to improve)...the tight-laced stature...the only thing was, he still had to win.  And now he's doing that.  He cares so much about his players, and you see it in his face.  He's a good man, he recruits good men, and I'm so unbelievably happy for him.

I've found myself unable to reflect too deeply on anything that's happened so far because there has continuously been something else to look forward to.  We just won the biggest game in school history, and what game is next week?  The new biggest game in school history.  And if we win that one?  Same thing a month from now.  I've always dreamed of a season like this, and I almost find myself admonishing, well, myself, for not enjoying it more...not basking in the moment.  I guess I'll reflect when the season's over and hope I don't forget anything, from Pig Brown's fumble return... Martin Rucker carring 18 tacklers to the first down line against Ole Miss... Maclin's flawless, untouched punt return against Illinois State... William Moore obliterating Marlon Lucky early in Q1 against Nebraska... the go-ahead TD against OU... Michael Crabtree's alligator arms... the entirely flawless second quarter in Boulder... Lorenzo Williams' icing safety against ATM... knowing Jeremy Maclin was going to score on the kick return against KSU when he got to the 30... Marcus Woods kneeling the ball against KU.

Yup...I'll reflect when the season's over because I have the feeling this team's not done creating those moments just yet.