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Just got back from the pep rally...

...good times.  Pehs, I tried as hard as I could to throw together a 'Weatherspoon as Coach Kilmer' photo on photoshop, but Spoon's face is never pointed in the right direction.  If somebody has more photoshop skills than I do, feel free to give it a try...


In all, I can say that a) I'm not sure I've ever seen Pinkel more giddy than he was tonight (though Linker still had him beaten by about 150 decibels), and other than 'Spoon, Moore, and Rucker, our players really don't like holding a microphone.  I'm excited, though.  Seeing Pinkel like that reminded me of everything that's happened in the last seven years...and all the hours I spent defending Pinkel on Tigerboard to the "lynch 'im!" crowd...I'm not going to pretend I was the only one by any means, but let's just say that this whole ride has been extremely satisfying.

That, and I really want to win Saturday.