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Mizzou Links, 11-29-07

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Arkansas 94, Mizzou Basketball 91.  Recap and box score.  It was fun to watch for a little bit, but...56 fouls?  Ugh.  And I think the whole "letting them play down the stretch" thing is stupid.  You want to let them play?  Then don't change the rules on what's a foul with 2 minutes left.  Huge pet peeve of mine.  If it's a foul with 14 minutes left in the first half, it's a foul with :30 left.  That said, Mizzou's offense was too disorganized down the stretch.  Arkansas' defense was just good enough to get in the heads of Hannah and Keon, and we didn't get many good shots.  Tough loss, but Arkansas is pretty solid.  The Missourian, KC Star, and Post-Dispatch have more.

On to football.  We'll start with more national links, though the Budweiser Hot Seat showdown between Skip Bayless ("Mizzou's great!") and Todd McShay ("OU won last time!") was so comprehensive that I can't imagine why you'd need any other analysis.  Uh huh.  Ivan Maisel says Missouri fans should be worried because the winner of the first game is 10-6 in conference championship rematches (the Post-Dispatch agrees).  Hmm...a) ooooh, I'm shaking, and b) it's 2-2 in the Big 12.  I'll take my chances.  Props, though, for the "Steve Nash of college football" reference on the righthand sidebar.  Meanwhile, another day, another national feature...this time, it's QB Coach David Yost.

And then Sportsline's Greg Doyel writes about how it's Mizzou's own fault (in part) that they have to play a 13th game while Ohio State watches wearing their maroon OU gear.

Rock M Nation will indeed be represented at tonight's Mizzou Spirit Rally.  I know I'll be there, along with the incomparable pehs...roll call?

Today's Tiger features: Danario Alexander (Trib...great title), Danario again (KC Star), Castine Bridges (Missourian), Tony Temple and Aaron O'Neal (Bryan Burwell).

Dave Matter does some "What happens if Mizzou loses" speculation.  Best idea: don't lose.

The Missourian discusses Chase Daniel's current Heisman chances.  The 13th game could actually help Chase in this regard, but...Tim "Hillary" Tebow has it won.  I'll be shocked if he doesn't take it.

Jason Whitlock's advice for Mizzou: don't get cute.  Alrighty.

It's the first ever Big 12 Championship Good, Bad, and Sleezy!

See Doug?  Some KU fans are (sort of) rooting for Mizzou!  You should give it a try!

The P-D's Derrick Goold discusses the surge in Mizzou school spirit.

Finally, Gabe's Powered Up column makes a pretty damn good point.

Imagine a college football team led by one of the top three candidates for the Heisman Trophy, given to the nation's best player. Imagine the team with a running back who has returned from injury to average more than 100 yards in his last three games. Imagine the team with an offensive line that is probably the most underrated in America, led by its conference's offensive lineman of the year. Imagine the team has five future NFL players at wide receiver or tight end. Imagine you throw in the league leader in interceptions and one of its leading tacklers at linebacker. For a final kick, imagine this team has a kicker that has not missed a kick of any kind in conference play in his entire career and perhaps the most dynamic return man in the country.

Now imagine this team has Ohio State or Michigan or Florida or Alabama written across its jerseys.

The Missouri Tigers have all those things I mentioned above. If you have all those things, it should not be a shock you are the number one team in the country. And, yet, across the nation, people refuse to admit that maybe--just maybe--Missouri really is this good.

I'm not big on playing the respect card. The Tigers are No. 1 in the BCS standings, so they are getting some measure of respect. And yet fans and journalists across the country bemoan the fact that we could see a Missouri-West Virginia national championship game.

There's one reason we'll see it: These teams deserve it. They belong here.

For some reason, the college football pundits and the long time fans just don't think a season is worth playing if the Buckeyes, Wolverines, Seminoles, Sooners, Gators, Trojans and Crimson Tide are not in the national title picture. There is somehow something tainted about winning that trophy.