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Rocky Mountain High

It will be a very brief version of Good, Bad, and Indifferent tonight following a thoroughly convincing 55-10 win for Mizzou in Boulder.

-- Downfield passing game: All week, Chase Daniel noted the CU Cover-1 scheme and the chances it would afford Mizzou downfield. Chase and Co. delivered to the tune of 430 passing yards.
-- The Y-Button: Chase "Y-Button/Nunchuck Upwards" Coffman was all-man, and finally scored following his patented hurdle. His third and final TD catch was absolutely gorgeous. And  on the sidelines he looked like he was a little off-balance from the "Boulder air" - looked like he might have had a case of the munchies, if you follow.
-- J-Mac and The Helicopter: Maclin and Franklin were outstanding. Franklin's sideline catch was a thing of beauty.
-- Willy Mo: Moore was all over the field making plays and firing up the D.
-- D-Line: Pressure was solid and the unit continues to get hands in passing lanes.
-- Time of Possession: When was the last time Mizzou had 35:00 to 24:00 edge in TOP?
-- The crowd: Mizzou didn't take the crowd out of the game - they forced them home. I've never seen a stadium as empty as it was in the second half, and that's coming from someone who's attended a Baylor game.
-- Pig Brown: Wouldn't be a Good, Bad, and Indifferent without him at the top. In fact, we might have to retire his number in the G/B/I Hall-of-Fame.

-- Early soft zone: Colorado knew exactly where the holes were in the zone, and when Hawkins had time to throw, they seemed able to hit them. The spot in front the safety position vacated by Pig Brown seemed especially vulnerable.
-- Punting: Yeah, I'm starting to reach a bit...
-- Emeril: No one gets away with ruining shrimp and grits for my man, The Boy...

-- Running game: It wasn't great, but it didn't have to be. Temple was so-so, Washington was solid, and Woods surprised. Jackson was somewhat ineffective, and I'm still confounded on why Earl Goldsmith gets touches.
-- Coaching: Didn't seem coaching played that big of a role. Credit to Pinkel and staff for coaching a solid game, but it seemed like Mizzou was simply better and more athletic in every phase of the game.
-- November: One for one. Keep takin' care of business.
-- God: Looks like the Kings of Kings switched allegiance this year. Notre Dame only has one win and Missouri is a top ten team that can win in November?