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Live Thread: Colorado

Mizzou Gameday in Boulder, Colorado:

Who: Colorado Buffaloes vs. No. 9 Missouri Tigers
Where: Folsom Field in Boulder, Colorado
When: 5:30 p.m. CT
Line: Missouri by 4.0


Radio: Tiger Network (Mike Kelly, John Kadlec, Chris Gervino)
TV: Fox Sports Net (Joel Meyers, Gary Reasons, and Jim Knox)
Weather: Hour-by-hour forecast
Online trackers: CSTV, ESPN
Opponent's Blog:


Make Rock M Nation your base of operations all day today and weigh in with your predictions, questions, worries, bold statements and observations. And, of course, be sure to count the downs during every possession and leave a comment if you ever count to five.

Fight Tigers!

UPDATE, THE BOY: I hope rpt doesn't mind, but I'm going to go ahead and post my liveblog in the 'Full Story' section below the jump...

5:40 - Sorry I'm late to the party...was making shrimp & grits with the wife for the game, and Emeril's "peeled & deveined shrimp" were I just spent 20 minutes helping remove the oily little black line in their backs...damn you, Emeril...if you ruined my shrimp & grits, I'm gonna be all sorts of pissed off...

5:41 - How is it warmer in Boulder than Columbia?

5:42 - Maclin just let a returnable kickoff float over his head.  Damn.

5:43 - CU eats up the option on the opening play...and then Daniel makes a horrible decision trying to thread the needle on the bubble's batted around and picked off.  I said CU can't compete unless they force at least 2-3 turnovers...there's one.  I know you want to get the ball to Franklin, but you can't force it.

5:45 - TD, Colorado.  Damn you, Emeril.

5:49 - Slight correction: Franklin shoulda caught that ball.

5:50 - And Franklin redeems himself on a GORGEOUS bomb down the right sideline!  72 yards, and Mizzou's inside the CU 10.

5:52 - Poor fade pass to Coffman...not high enough, and even though the defender wasn't looking for the ball, that's not gonna get called as PI.  Third-and-goal for the Tigers.

5:53 - TD, MotherRucker!  Has that inside screen to T ever not worked?  7-7.  Mizzou opponents have scored first on two occasions this year, and Mizzou immediately responded both times.

5:56 - Navy beats ND!!!  That's awesome...screw the Irish.  How the hell did UCLA lose to these guys?

5:58 - One of CU's O-linemen has to be wearing an '80-s rock star wig...that's just too damn much hair.  And Mr. Rock Star just held on a Hugh Charles run.

5:59 - I swear CU just got away with 6 more holds on the next play...holy crap.  Three D-linemen got pulled down to the ground.  Third-and-6 for CU.  Correction: 3rd-and-11 after a false start.

6:01 - Mizzou lights up Hawkins and forces a bad pass.  CU to punt!  The shrimp & grits are fantastic, by the way...Emeril can't hold my wife's cooking down...

6:02 - Maclin gets lit up catching the punt...easy interference call, though the stoned Buffalo crowd boos nonetheless.  And Maclin held onto the ball!

6:03 - SONIC HAS MAC & CHEESE SNACKS NOW!  Oh baby...I know where I'm going to lunch tomorrow...I'm a M&C whore...

6:06 - Nice reverse to Maclin...Mizzou near midfield.

6:07 - Is the damn ball greased or something?  Temple drops a pass, then Rucker bats one up in the air and it almost gets picked.  My wife is cussing.

6:08 - Mizzou to punt...but that's better than the ball getting picked, I guess.  Gotta establish the run at some point.

6:10 - Hugh Charles busts his first nice run of the game.  REALLY good back.

6:11 - CU again tries the run out of the direct snap...come on, guys.  Like we don't know how to defend THAT one...

6:12 - Third-and-long for CU after another false start.  SLOPPY game by both sides so far...

6:13 - CU is not a long-yardage offense, so they should NEVER convert a 3rd-and-long.  Mizzou eats up the short pass, and Mizzou will get the ball back.

6:14 - Jimmy Jackson!  Mizzou tries to establish the run, and JJ picks up about 12.

6:15 - HOOK AND FREAKING LADDER!!!  Daniel to Coffman to Maclin, and Mizzou's got the ball at midfield.  God bless the Varsity Blues offense...

6:16 - Rucker drops another one...Chase is 2-for-8, but I'm thinking FOUR of those INC's have been drops.

6:17 - JJ with another nice run, but it'll come back due to a hold.  SLOPPY.

6:18 - And SAUNDERS with a drop...though at least he was diving.

6:18 - Mizzou to punt.  Chase is looking flustered, and I would be too after five drops in four possessions.  And it's blocked...out of bounds around the Mizzou 35.  Damn you, Emeril.  The good news is, Mizzou couldn't possibly play any worse, and the worst that the score will be is 14-7 when they get the ball back.

6:20 - Dusty "Ed" Sprague with a nice catch on third down...good defense by Garrett, but he caught it anyway.  CU's in the redzone.

6:21 - Hugh Charles is being bottled up so far...knock on wood.  It would help if the Mizzou offense would get their collective heads out of their collective asses before he finds a groove.

6:22 - Stryker Sulak's gotta be leading the league in blocked shots.

6:23 - CU's going for it on 4th-and-5?  Ballsy or stupid?  Timeout Mizzou...they obviously couldn't decide which.

6:24 - And CU thinks twice and kicks the FG.  I can take 10-7.  Now let's freaking pick it up, guys.  The D's playing well so far...

6:26 - Maclin runs about 45 yards across the field to get just past the 20 on the kickoff.  Okie dokie.

6:26 - UT scored 24 in the 4th to beat OSU?  Are you kidding me?  OSU had better be DOUBLY pissed off next week against KU.

6:27 - CU gets called for a face mask, and then doesn't.  Guess the DE got Temple by the side of the helmet instead.

6:28 - Another slow-developing, spread-wide play!  This is starting to piss me off.  If CU has great side-to-side speed, why do you think these types of plays would work??  Third-and-long for Mizzou.

6:29 - Daniel throws it away, and Mizzou will punt again.  Collective heads still in collective asses.  And my wife is getting SUPER annoyed by the effort so far.

6:30 - Jesus.  Tremane Vaughns with the kick-catch interference.  CU will get the ball in Mizzou territory again.  HEADS.  OUT.  OF.  ASSES.

6:31 - The defense forces another third down...will start Q2 with a big play.  Come on guys, it's apparently all on you in this game.

6:35 - And we're back.  Cody Hawkins is hit and fumbles...Lorenzo Williams with the recovery.  I'd be using exclamation points, but I'm sure this is going to be reviewed.  And being that I think it was a fumble, I'm sure it will be ruled an incomplete pass.

6:37 - It's ruled a fumble!!  Mizzou ball at midfield.

6:37 - Temple once again strings the play out wide, once again to no avail.  Just bring Jackson in if TT's going to keep that up.

6:38 - Big third down for Mizzou...Daniel goes deep to Maclin...TD MIZZOU!  Mizzou's playing like ass, and they're leading, 14-10!

6:43 - Down to the sideline for an interview with Pig.  My wife is sad now.  (At some point in the last year or so, she secretly became a pretty hardcore Mizzou fan.  Not sure how or when it happened, but it did.  Pretty cool.)

6:45 - Another third down stop for the Mizzou D!  CU to punt...stomp on the throat, guys!

6:46 - And Maclin is tackled on the punt return by...Jason Ray.  Still not running on all cylinders here.

6:49 - Temple runs up the middle for a couple...that's fine.  Those plays are much more likely to work against this defense.

6:50 - Maclin wide open on third down...first down at midfield.

6:51 - Daniel has to throw another ball away on first down.  CU's doing a good job of throwing off the offense's timing.

6:52 - And right on cue, Mizzou completes another bomb!  This one's to Jared Perry.  Welcome to the 2007 season, Jared!  First-and-goal for Mizzou.

6:53 - CU eats up what looked like it was supposed to be a RB pass.  Derrick Washington sacked for a big loss.

6:54 - Wolfert on to kick a 27-yard field goal...good!  17-10 Mizzou.  Would have like to have gone up 2 possessions there, but oh well.

7:00 - Mizzou with a BIG short-yardage stop on third down.  CU to punt again, and Mizzou will have good field position with 8 minutes left in the half...

7:04 - Daniel with a big gain on a perfectly-blocked option.  I don't like the wide plays, but when they're perfectly-blocked, they'll work.

7:05 - ANOTHER bomb...this time to Franklin!  Gorgeous catch by Will, getting a foot down inbounds.  Welcome back to the offense, Will.  Daniel's only 10-for-22, but he's averaging TWENTY-FIVE YARDS PER COMPLETION.

7:06 - CU recovers to force another third-and-goal...oops, nevermind.  Personal foul on CU.  First-and-goal!

7:07 - Temple redeems himself with a TOUGH TD run to the corner...he was horse-collared at the 2 and still broke the plain with the ball.  He must have defeated physics on that one.

7:08 - Okay, CU thought that was as physically impossible as I being reviewed.

7:09 - Call stands!  TD, Mizzou!  24-10!  The fans need to light up again...they're getting cranky.  It's like somebody forgot to devein their shrimp or something...

7:12 - And now CU has the drops...Celestine whiffs on an easy one.  And I know my 'Beyond the Box Score' pieces are making an impact, as my wife just said excitedly, "We're beating them up, and it's not even the third quarter yet!"  I'm so proud.

7:13 - William Moore OBLITERATES Cody Hawkins...3rd-and-10 for CU.

7:14 - So, FSN broadcasters, is Cody Hawkins still "playing more like a senior than a redshirt freshman"?  Awful pass on third down, and CU will punt again.

7:14 - Okay, that's the third kick-catch interference penalty of the first half...never seen that many in one game before.  First-and-10 Mizzou from their 40.

7:16 - A reverse from Daniel to Maclin to Alexander, and Danario totallypicks the wrong hole.  Third-and-2 for Mizzou.  Timeout, Chase.  

7:17 - The announcers just mentioned that Maclin has set the school all-purpose-yards-in-a-season Game #9.  Jeez.

7:19 - Rucker fumbles, and somehow Mizzou recovers.  Not sure how.  Ruck is NOT having a good game...TD aside.  Meanwhile, a CU safety just let a sure INT hit him in the helmet.  The tide has turned.

7:20 - Third down, and Daniel scrambles for 14 yards.  Love that kid.

7:21 - Man...liveblogging has REALLY slowed down my drinking rate.  I'm still on my first pint of Flat Branch Pumpkin Ale.  Need to pick up the pace here.

7:22 - Third-and-7 from the CU 25.  Daniel scrambles and scrambles and...finds Coffman!  And then nobody actually tackles CC, who trots in for the TD!  Three missed CU tackles, and Mizzou's up 31-10 with 90 seconds left in the half.  Wow.

7:26 - Damn.  I was so taken aback that CU missed all those tackles that I totally botched my first chance to reference the THRUST NUNCHUK UPWARD.  I feel like less of a blogger now.

7:27 - Third down for CU...short pass to Charles, and he runs out of bounds!  Thanks, Hugh.  Maclin to field a punt with 0:15 left.  BARELY tripped up on a cutback with 0:01 left...hail mary or down the ball?

7:28 - Down the ball.  Oh well.  31-10 Mizzou at half.  Collective heads no longer in collective asses.


7:51 - And we're back!  Second half starts with a CU false start.  Strangely enough, OU's not killing ATM, by the way.  My formula was right, I guess.

7:52 - Second down?  False start.  Second-and-13 for CU, and Hawkins completes a short pass despite being crushed again by William Moore.

7:54 - Third-and-4 for CU...Hawkins scrambles, but he'll come up short.  Another stop for Mizzou!

7:55 - Maclin once again barely misses a big punt return, tripping on a blocker's foot.

7:56 - The option is eaten up again by the Buffs, and it sets up a 3rd-and-13 for Mizzou.

7:57 - Daniel dances for about 15 seconds before finding a wide-open Maclin down the sideline...but he overshoots it, and Maclin can't haul it in.  Mizzou to punt.

7:59 - Steak trumps bacon every time.  I love Sonic commercials.  I hated them for years, then one day I just started enjoying them.  No idea what happened.  Maybe it was when they started selling Mac & Cheese snacks.  Or maybe it's just because we're up by 21.

8:01 - Hugh Charles is stopped for no gain, and it's another 3rd-and-short for Colorado.  CU Coach Nick Nolte is not impressed.

8:02 - Coach Nolte's son Cody throws another horrid third-down pass.  They're 2-for-11 on third downs, and they'll punt again.  Nick Nolte VERY frustrated.  And we're averaging one minute per possession in the second half.  This game will end somewhere around 11pm, but as long as Victory Whiskey is involved, it can last all night.

8:04 - Third-and-1 for Mizzou from the CU 42.  Inside screen to Rucker, first down Tigers!  And  the possession crosses the 1-minute mark!  Work the clock!

8:07 - THRUST NUNCHUK GODDAMN UPWARD!!!  Coffman hurdles a tackler and scores.  Wow.  WOW.  38-10 Mizzou.  A 31-0 run.

8:11 - I just checked in on OU-ATM.  It's 14-0 OU, and ATM has 6 passing yards 20+ minutes into the game.  Ggh.

8:12 - Have I mentioned just how freaking big Charles Gaines is, by the way?  Dude's got some, shall we say, girth.

8:13 - Another third down for CU after Sean Weatherspoon and Castine Bridges just forced Hugh Charles out of bounds for no gain.  Third-and-7.

8:14 - False start!   Hee hee.  Third-and-12 for C...oh you're freaking kidding me.  Defensive delay of game because Justin Garrett faked a vertical jump?  That's ridiculous.  Third-and-2.

8:15 - First down CU, and the crowd gives a Bronx cheer.  I love being on the positive end of those.  Wow...that was their first 1st down since Q1.

8:16 - Interception, William Moore!  'Spoon deflected it (I think), and Willy Mo picked it.  Yeah, baby.

8:17 - Going for the jugular!  Danario pulls in another deep ball...I love these guys.

8:18 - Good point by the Fox announcers.  The CU defensive backs tried to get all pissy because Daniel said Mizzou was excited to play against some Cover-1 for once...and Daniel has repeatedly burned them with the deep ball in Cover-1 situations.  Enjoy them apples.

8:23 - Okay, I just spent five minutes searching (to no avail) for my cell phone...I even resorted to calling myself from the house phone.  Weird.  And here I was wondering why I hadn't gotten a text in a while.  Meanwhile, another Wolfert FG makes it 41-10 Mizzou.

8:26 - Another third-down fumble by Cody Nolte...Mizzou ball.  I think I'm done with exclamation points for the day...

8:33 - Yeah, the posting is getting more infrequent, isn't it?  I've been too hypnotized by the fact that we've almost killed 5 minutes on this possession.

8:34 - HOLY CRAP.  An absolutely SICK leaping TD for Thrust Nunchuk Upward...his third of the game.  It's 48-10.  I just cannot compute this.

8:43 - Cody Nolte is out of the game, and Nick Nelson can't move the ball either.  I'd say more, but I've been on the phone with The Beef, giving him crap for being afraid to acknowledge he's a nerd.

8:45 - The sideline reporter interviews the Wild Fan of the Game.  This would have been better to do in the first know, before the home team fell behind by 38 points, maybe?

8:47 - Marcus Woods!  Nice carry, Marcus.

8:48 - Marcus Woods!  Nice carry, Marcus.  He cut back and tried to get a really nice carry, but it was not to be.

8:49 - Interesting interview clip with Cody Hawkins talking about how he adores Chase Daniel...meanwhile, Chase gets sacked and almost picks a fight.  Probably good to take him out after this possession, eh coach?

8:50 - Nice open-field tackle on Danario Alexander to force a punt.  Pretty sure Daniel's day is over.  Nice game, don't you think?

8:54 - Nothing like being up so big with 10 minutes left on the road that your attention can wane and you can start posting stuff like this (via Big Head in Comments) instead of watching the game...


8:56 - Another punt for Colorado.  I just can't tell you how well this defense has swarmed today...the fact that CU has punted 10 times should tell you the story.

9:00 - Everybody say hi to Chase Patton!  (Hi, Chase!)  Derrick Washington with a nice run inside the CU 40...and Jim Knox is interviewing the Mizzou cheerleaders.  I know the one that the big dude is carrying with his left hand!

9:02 - Washington inside the 10 after a gorgeous stiff-arm.  I think I'm really going to like this kid.

9:03 - Total yards: Mizzou 587, Colorado 192.  God.  And we even took the first quarter off!

9:04 - TD, Derrick Washington!  I kinda wish Marcus had gotten that carry, but oh well.  It's the first TD of many for D-Wash, and it's 55-10.  Mizzou's scored on 8 of their last 10 possessions.

9:11 - Nelson is sacked by the 12-yard line, and Mizzou will get the ball back with about 2 minutes left.  Apparently the entire CU defense got injured at some point in the game.  Meanwhile, my wife just did a dead sprint across the basement simply to startle her cat...and she hasn't even been drinking!

9:13 - Victory formation!  I think Gary Pinkel just smiled.  Not totally sure, but close enough.

9:14 - Ballgame.  Wow.  Victory whiskey all around!