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Sunday Poll Watch

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It's Sunday Morning and that means one thing:

Missouri fans are waking up with massive hangovers.

But that also means it's time for the Sunday Poll Watch. Follow the jump for updates as polls are released, and in the mean time, see the post below to wade through all the glorious Mizzou links from this morning.

This week, we might even be joined by this guy - the one CU fan left at Folsom Field
in the second half.

Click "Full Story" for updates on the Sunday Poll Watch.

Update [2007-11-4 11:56:3 by rptgwb]: Prediction Time: Missouri at No. 7, but Kansas leaps West Virginia to No. 5. The top ten should look something like this:

  1. Ohio State
  1. Oregon/LSU
  1. LSU/Oregon
  1. Oklahoma
  1. Kansas
  1. West Virginia
  1. Missouri
  1. Boston College
  1. Georgia
  1. Hawaii/Arizona State

What do the citizens of Rock M Nation think? How does your top ten look?

Update [2007-11-4 12:52:21 by rptgwb]: Stay tuned - both polls should be released in the next hour or so...

Update [2007-11-4 13:18:22 by rptgwb]: USA Today and Associated Press, why must you tease me so? Release the damn polls!

Update [2007-11-4 13:32:26 by rptgwb]: I was spot-on with KU, WVU, and MU. Here is the latest AP Poll.

Some points of interest:
-- Missouri gets placed at No. 7, just ahead of the NCAA's newest one-loss teams, Boston College and Arizona State.
-- How is BC ahead of ASU? Isn't ASU's loss on the road at now-No.3 Oregon better than BC's loss at home to unranked Florida State?
-- Pollsters are still somewhat weary of Kansas, placing them behind three one-loss teams. Oklahoma could be fortunate they blew out Texas A&M, otherwise the Jayhawks may be sitting at No. 4 right now.
-- Three Big 12 teams in the top 7, two of which from the North, not named Nebraska and Colorado? Wow...
-- In other Big 12 news, Texas checks in at No. 15 after escaping Stillwater with a win. How does OSU respond at home against Kansas next week?
-- This is not a weighted question, but, objectively, what does Missouri have to do to leap West Virginia

Update [2007-11-4 13:41:27 by rptgwb]: Once again, the AP and the Coaches agree. It's 5-6-7 for KU, WVU, and MU. Link here.

Update [2007-11-4 17:24:18 by rptgwb]: The BCS Standings have been out for a solid hour now, but I was waiting on a link. A PDF of the latest standings can be found here. How 'bout that Big 12 at 4-5-6?