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Mizzou Links, 11-4-07

Don't worry, darlin'
No baby, don't you fret
We're livin' in the future
And none of this has happened yet

-- Bruce Springsteen, "Livin' in the Future"

Can't win in November?  Can't win on the road?  Can't win in Boulder in particular?  Don't matter.  We're officially living in a world where Missouri beats conference foes with winning records by 45 points on the road.  And we've got the official recap and box score ( to prove it.

Summaries: "Rollin' in Boulder" (The Trib), "Tigers dominate Buffaloes" (Missourian), "No. 9 Missouri romps past Colorado" (KC Star), "Rocky Mountain High for Mizzou" (Post-Dispatch), "Missouri trounces CU 55-10" (Denver Post).

And make sure you don't miss this Will Franklin quote from the Trib article above:

"Going in, we were like, ‘Hey, if it’s man-to-man, you get your ass on fire and make something happen.’"

I'd say they did.

No November Slump: "Mizzou has climbed into rarified air" (Post-Dispatch), "Proof is in the Buffalo stew" (The Trib).

Welcome back, Will: "Franklin's first-half catches key to Missouri win" (Missourian).

Daniel: "Missouri QB picks apart CU in rout" (Boulder Camera), "Tigers deep-six dazed Buffaloes" (Denver Post), "Daniel not the norm, and that's good for Tigers" (Denver Post).

Buffs: "Schizophrenic Buffs need strong finish" (Boulder Camera), "Hawkins vows to help Buffs rebound" (Boulder Camera).

Notes, Notebooks, Et Cetera: Game Notes (The Trib), Tiger Notebook (PowerMizzou), Notebook (Post-Dispatch), Questions & Answers (The Trib), Grading the Tigers (Post-Dispatch), "Handing out the grades" (PowerMizzou).

And for those who noticed that we actually played a basketball game yesterday too...

"Hannah returns as MU beats Missouri-St. Louis" (KC Star), "Tigers overwhelm UMSL in exhibition opener" (The Trib), "Defense Doesn't Rest" (Inside Mizzou), "Anderson keeps putting pressure on his team" (KC Star), "Work Ethic makes Tiller a Model Tiger (Missourian)".