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Mizzou Links, 11-5-07

So I'm still not used to seeing headlines like "Who Deserves That No. 2 BCS Spot?" and realizing I should click on it because they might say something about Mizzou...being that we're, you know, #6 and all.  By the time I do get used to it, the season will be over.  Apparently KU feels the same way.  Graham Watson has more on KU and MU's paths to Arrowhead, and Sunday Morning QB breaks things down a little further.  Basically, we really needed Alabama to knock LSU off...I highly doubt Ole Miss is going to do us the same favor.

Nope, I don't think I'll ever get enough of seeing headlines like "MU football team breaking barriers".

So there's nothing like the #1 high school RB in the country calling your team a "team of giants".  Somebody give him a call!  And for those of you who are Rivals members, do yourself a favor and check out this guy's film.  Honestly, I'd prefer he didn't go to Colorado...

Speaking of recruiting, it was a slow weekend--road game weekends always are--but Inside Mizzou caught up with Will Compton...that's something...

Dave Matter empties the notebook on the CU game, and like Bryan Burwell did yesterday, recalls when fans weren't sticking around after games to cheer Gary Pinkel.  He also offers this little jab:

It seems odd that Missouri is already preparing for its final home game of the season. The Tigers will play at least three games after hosting Texas A&M on Saturday, four if they clinch a spot in the Big 12 championship game. But Saturday will mark the last home game for a tremendous senior class. Here’s guessing the loudest senior day ovations go to Martin Rucker, Zo Williams and Pig Brown. Wishful thinking, but it’d be nice to see a crowd of 65,000 for their final home game. But I’m sure the game is too early ... or it’s deer season ... or Texas A&M’s lousy ... or Mike Alden hasn’t done enough marketing ... or the 2008 home schedule is too weak for fans to pack the stadium to watch this generation’s best Missouri team play its final home game.

Mike Dearmond talks about the statement the Mizzou defense made on Saturday...only giving up points to CU on drives starting at the MU 10 and MU 35.

Needless to say, this is one of Big Head's favorite hangovers ever.  Oh, and if you were wondering who would be the first blogger to compare the 'Blackshirts' to the French Army, AJ's your winner.  You knew the odds were pretty decent on that one.

And oh by the way (I'd feel guilty if I didn't mention at least one non-football event)...Mizzou Volleyball played another 5-setter this weekend...outlasting a hot Baylor team 15-13 in the fifth to pick up their seventh conference win of the season.  They're 7-8 in conference (14-10 overall) with a manageable trek the rest of the way.  They'll need to probably win at least three of their last five to have put together a decent NCAA resume...more likely four of five.  Those early losses to ISU and KU still hurt.