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Mizzou Links, 11-8-07

Sweet jesus, do I hate ESPN sometimes...a) why the hell is Skip Bayless yelling at me right now, and b) why the hell is he getting this much airtime to convince me that Todd Boeckman is the Heisman favorite?  I miss actual sports debate, not debate simply intended to fire people up and yell at the TV.  Love you to death, Worldwide Leader, but you tick me off sometimes.  I'd rather read another Joe Strauss column than listen to Skip Bayless at 5:30 am.

You know what happens when you spend some time in the Top 10?  You become awards semifinalists!  Chase Daniel (Maxwell Award) and Gary Pinkel (something called the George Munger Award) are finding themselves on shrinking lists.  Oh, and there's this other award for which Chase's profile seems to be improving (SI agrees, though I can't fathom how you'd still have Matt Ryan over Chase at this point...CD only has a higher completion %, more yards, more TD's, less INTs, and more rushing yards...and ahem, plays on a better team).  Gabe says he's more than just a Heisman hopeful...

Thank you Stryker Sulak, Tommy Chavis (featured in the Star), and the other Tigers who have turned the Mizzou defense into one of the best in the conference.

I think the Missourian editors choose their features by throwing darts at the Mizzou roster.  Today's topic: Jared Perry.  And you know what?  However they choose their subjects, I like that they write about the players everybody else isn't writing about.  PowerMizzou joins in with a feature on Adam Spieker, possibly the most underrated player on the team.  Can you recall a single iffy snap this year?

The Worldwide Leader has an interesting look at Nebraska and Notre Dame, and why Bill Callahan's as good as gone while Charlie Weis is comfortable--it's all about adopting the culture.  You see, this is far more interesting to me than a 5-minute yelling match about a decent-but-not-Heisman-worthy quarterback.  Oh, and there's a Mizzou blurb at the bottom of the article.  Icing on the cake!

With its diminished size, quickness means that much more to this iteration of Mizzou Basketball.  So does Keon Lawrence.  And the Dandy from Vandy.

The Maneater has a nice feature on Amanda Hantouli, Mizzou Volleyball's X-Factor for the stretch run.  If she becomes a reliable, steady middle blocker, Mizzou still has a chance at the NCAA's.

How do you best prepare for a rematch with the #2 team in the country?  By playing a double-overtime game 24 hours before, of course!  Mizzou Soccer blew a 3-1 lead over Texas Tech with less than 10 minutes left before recovering to take down the Red Raiders, 4-3, in extra time.  Lucky for us, Texas A&M also played a double-OT game yesterday.  I'm thinking neither team is going to be at its high-flying best today.  The Missourian has more.