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Mizzou Links, 11-9-07

So after that awful Skip Bayless incident yesterday morning, ESPN decides to suck up to me this morning by making Justin Safford's alley-oop-plus-tip-to-himself dunk the #7 play of the day.  Thanks, John Anderson!  Apology accepted, Worldwide Leader.

Here are the official recap and box score from last night's epic Mizzou-MO Western game.  My favorite stat: if MO Western had made all 27 of their 3-pointers, they'd have 2.  The Trib has a game write-up, a J.T. Tiller feature, and much, much more.  That's right, it's season preview time!  "Tigers out to revive tourney tradition"!  "Seniors are survivors"!  Stuff about the Big 12!  Stuff about the Mizzou women!

And in case that wasn't enough links, the Star also has a post-game writeup.  Meanwhile, Graham Watson (I assume) plays a P-D game of True or False.  The P-D also tells Stefhon Hannah it's time to lead.

Somebody was really bored when they pounded out the headline atop the release for Saturday's Mizzou-Tech volleyball matchup.  That's all I'm gonna say.

Okay, on to football...

Hmm...I believe I forgot to link to this's Cut to the Chase time!  And how about a nice game of What's the Rush?

The Missourian has a nice series of articles about Senior Day at's a feature on the senior class as a whole, here's one about Lorenzo Williams and the impact Aaron O'Neal has had on him, here's a Q&A with Tony Temple, here's a Chase Coffman feature, and of course here's 10 things you didn't know about ATM.  Too many links, too little time to comment...and Graham Watson thought writing about the tight ends looked like so much fun, she'd give it a try as well.

The Star has an ATM-MU preview and a comparison between previous great Mizzou teams and this one.

"Maybe it taught us how to win," said offensive lineman Kurtis Gregory.

"Last year we got a taste of it. Throughout the spring and summer we were vocalizing stuff. Just hearing people say it; we knew, we know we are good."

Pinkel hopes 2007 will be a reward for the trust shown by veteran players who came to MU when they had good reason to go elsewhere.

"They just kind of believed in us and believed in the direction that we were trying to build this program," Pinkel said. "They’ve been leaders, they’ve been soldiers of our program."

[Terry] McMillan is a full-blown fan of Daniel.

"That kid is pure quarterback," McMillan said.

PowerMizzou has the Ultimate Breakdown on MU-ATM.

Hopefully those 116 links will tide you over...I probably won't get the MU-ATM preview up till this evening...