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1st Annual Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em

So...this was something The Boy and I have done in years past with another friend of ours.  Pretty simple, pick the team WITH the spread, and pick the Over/Under.  The winner in the past has won nothing, and we have never competed for anything.  If we get some good participation, perhaps we will "owe" the winner a free (and one of the first) Rock M Nation t-shirt!

I will keep all the stats personally, so simply reply to this diary with your picks.  I will do my best to update this daily, though that may depend on number of participants.  The first bowl game will be NEXT Thursday (12/20), so all picks need to be finalized and submitted by then.  And to particpate, you MUST register for a FREE Rock M Nation account :-)  And of course, this is open to all our friends from all our sister sites.

Click 'Full Story' for the games.

Poinsettia Bowl:
12/20 9:00 pm ET
Utah -9  vs. Navy  O/U=66

New Orleans Bowl:
12/21 8:00 pm ET
Florida Atlantic -3  vs.  Memphis   O/U=67

PapaJohn' Bowl:
12/22 1:00 pm ET
Cincinnati -11  vs.  Southern Mississippi   O/U=56.5

New Mexico Bowl:
12/22 4:30 pm ET
New Mexico -3  vs.  Nevada   O/U=62.5

Las Vegas Bowl
12/22 8:00 pm ET
BYU -6  vs.  UCLA   O/U=46.5

Hawaii Bowl
12/23 8:00 pm ET
Boise State -11  vs.  East Carolina   O/U=71

Motor City Bowl:
12/26 7:30 pm ET
Purdue -9  vs.  Central Michigan   O/U=72.5

Holiday Bowl:
12/27 8:00 pm ET
Texas -1  vs.  Arizona State   O/U=61.5

Champs Sports Bowl:
12/28 5:00 pm ET
Boston College -3.5  vs.  Michigan State   O/U=56

Texas Bowl:
12/28 8:00 pm ET
TCU -4  vs.  Houston   O/U=61

Emerald Bowl:
12/28 8:30 pm ET
Oregon State -4.5  vs.  Maryland   O/U=48.5

Meineke Car Care Bowl:
12/29 1:00 pm ET
Wake Forest -3.5  vs.  Connecticut   O/U=49

Liberty Bowl:
12/29 4:30 pm ET
Central Florida -3  vs.  Mississippi State   O/U=60

Alamo Bowl:
12/29 8:00 pm ET
Penn State -5.5  vs.  Texas A & M   O/U=51.5

Independence Bowl:
12/30 8:00 pm ET
Alabama -3.5  vs.  Colorado   O/U=51

Armed Forces Bowl:
12/31 12:30 pm ET
California -4  vs.  Air Force   O/U=54

Sun Bowl:
12/31 2:00 pm ET
South Florida -6.5  vs.  Oregon   O/U=52

Humanitarian Bowl:
12/31 2:00 pm ET
Georgia Tech -4  vs.  Fresno State   O/U=55

Music City Bowl:
12/31 4:00 pm ET
Kentucky -1  vs.  Florida State   O/U=56

Insight Bowl:
12/31 5:30 pm ET
Oklahoma State -4.5  vs.  Indiana   O/U=68.5

Chick-fil-A Bowl:
12/31 7:30 pm ET
Clemson -2   vs.  Auburn   O/U=48

Outback Bowl:
1/1 11:00 am ET
Tennessee -3.5   vs.  Wisconsin   O/U=57.5

Cotton Bowl:
1/1 11:30 am ET
Missouri -3.5  vs.  Arkansas   O/U=69.5

Capital One Bowl:
1/1 1:00 pm ET
Florida -10  vs.  Michigan   O/U=61.5

Gator Bowl:
1/1 1:00 pm ET
Texas Tech -5  vs.  Virginia   O/U=60

Rose Bowl:
1/1 4:30 pm ET
USC -13.5   vs.  Illinois   O/U=50

Sugar Bowl:
1/1 8:30 pm ET
Georgia -10   vs.  Hawaii   O/U=68.5

Fiesta Bowl:
1/2 8:00 pm ET
Oklahoma -6.5   vs.  West Virginia   O/U=64

Orange Bowl:
1/3 8:00 pm ET
Virginia Tech -3.5   vs.  Kansas   O/U=54

International Bowl:
1/5 12:00 pm ET
Rutgers -10   vs.  Ball State   O/U=59.5

GMAC Bowl:
1/6 8:00 pm ET
Tulsa -4.5  vs.   Bowling Green   O/U=75

BCS Championship Game:
1/7 8:00 pm ET
LSU -5   vs.  Ohio State   O/U=49.5