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Mizzou Links, 12-13-07

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As mentioned in yesterday's Roundtable, Mizzou added three new opponents to future football schedules--McNeese State (2010), Western Illinois (2011--the Fightin' Big Heads), and Toledo (2013, 2014). Hard to get too excited about that, but hard to blame anybody either. Dave Matter has more.

Here's a new recruiting name: Domonick Britt. PowerMizzou catches up with some old names: Jacquies Smith and Zaviar Gooden. Also at PM: an updated recruiting hot-board. Things are kind of interesting right now--the guys who looked like sure things don't look quite as sure now, but guys who seemed like complete and total longshots still look like possibilities. Somehow we need to fill another 8-10 schollies, though, so somebody should commit soon. My personal favs: Oklahoma WR Justin Blackmon (if you're a Rivals member, watch his film...damn impressive), Texas DB (and Arkansas soft-commit) Junior Okpara, and Texas ATH (and A&M commit...our chances are slim) Derrick Hall.

It's apparently Joe vs Dave Day at the Trib. Joe Walljasper proposes a few simple changes to the BCS system to solve all ills, while Dave Matter proposes an 8-team playoff. While I would settle for Joe's proposal, obviously a playoff would be better. My one problem with Dave's system: both the quarterfinals and semifinals are part of the playoffs. That means less teams qualify for bowls total. Most people don't have a problem with that, but I kinda do. I say make the quarterfinals the BCS bowls, then just have the "National Semifinals" and "National Finals" afterward. That, or just go with my original idea--a Plus One Game. came up with pre-bowl conference power rankings. Obviously, the SEC was going to be #1, but I was going to stop reading if the Big 12 wasn't #2.

Graham Watson talks about life on the Chase Daniel Award Tour. She also talks about what Mizzou's success means for Gary Pinkel:

Mizzou has not only seen an increase in enrollment, it expects to see an increase in donors and season ticket holders according to Mike Alden.

And you know who’s going to benefit from all of this?

Gary Pinkel.

Pinkel has already committed to the Tigers. There been talk that Pinkel was contacted by a third party about the Michigan job and GP said he wasn’t interested.

Now it’s time for Mizzou to commit to him. That’s right. GP is due for a fat raise and a possible contract extension. I asked about the rule (put in after the Quin Snyder debacle) that contracts can only be extended to five years, and I was told that the Curators could do whatever they want to do. Pinkel currently sits at $1.3 million through 2011, and is slowly sliding down the Big 12 salary ladder.

On to basketball: I've heard that the Big 12 is weaker than expected, and I've heard that it's stronger than expected. Good times. Either way, Steve Walentik attempts a Big 12 power poll. Interesting choice for #4, but I guess it makes as much sense as anything else. Share your own thoughts about #4 below. Meanwhile, Sportsline projects six teams to the NCAAs...

Finally, Ben Askren: future mixed martial arts champion?