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Mizzou Links, 12-17-07

#8 Mizzou Wrestling 24, #10 UT-Chattanooga 10.  Solid win for Brian Smith's Tigers--including Max Askren's 6-OT win--but I'll let The Beef go into more detail in his Musings...I won't pretend to know more than he does about the topic...

Mizzou basketball is liking the 2-games-in-3-days stretch, and as Mike Dearmond puts it, they think they're worthy of fans.  The Post-Dispatch has an NC A&T preview.

So we're coming off the biggest football recruiting weekend of the year...what do we know?  Not much concrete, says Gabe.  Nobody committed, but I'll be surprised if that's still the case by the end of the week.  Here's a rundown of articles about this week's visitors: Ugo Okpara, Jeremy Sanders (more from Inside Mizzou), Kenji Jackson.  Also, news on other Mizzou targets: Bryce Givens, Josh Williams, Dan Hoch.  I'm most optimistic about Okpara and Jackson (and maybe Hoch).  We're by far Sanders' biggest offer, but he really wants to play QB, and I think he knows he won't really get that chance in Columbia.  Otherwise, guess we'll have to wait and see...rumors are, some big visitors are coming in January, but we'll see...

Dave Matter has a lovely, lengthy Sunday practice recap, with a lot of focus on redshirting freshmen like Dominique Hamilton and Michael Keck, plus some analysis on the fact that like half the team has submitted their names to the NFL draft "where do I stand?" committee.  Good read.  And speaking of Keck, the Missourian has a nice feature on him as well.

The Sunday Morning QB talks about this weekend's biggest college football story of the week: Rich Rodriguez getting really, well, rich.  I really like this move for Michigan.  A couple months ago, when it began to become obvious that Nebraska would be firing Bill Callahan, I told a buddy of mine that the only coach Nebraska could hire that would really scare me would be Rodriguez, but he's not part of the "Nebraska family" (then again Pelini was only there a year longer than RR was), so we had nothing to worry about.  Rodriguez is a great hire, but I must morbid curiosity alarm is going off at the thought of Ryan Mallett running the zone read.  I do feel extremely bad for WV, though...they've been more successful than Michigan in both basketball and football over the last five years, but they've lost both of their coaches to them anyway.  Stewart Mandel has more.