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Mizzou Links, 12-19-07

How in the hell is it already December 19???  Anyway, here are some links for you as you try to comprehend which Spears sisters is the white-trashiest...

Here's the official release for tonight's Mizzou-Pittsburgh wrestling matchup...the match is available to watch online at

Well...Gabe Dearmond was half-right.  Recruits Bryce Givens and Josh Williams were indeed a package Colorado.  The good news, however, is that Kenji Jackson is on-board as a Tiger (Inside Mizzou has more), and Derrick Hall might not be totally out of the picture.

Dave Matter talks to Michael Keck about his position change (so does Mike Dearmond). See quarterback, hit quarterback.  Matter also gives us a Tuesday practice report at Behind the Stripes.  Meanwhile, the Missourian talks about the upcoming Heisman Finalist vs Heisman Finalist matchup.

The Trib talks about Leo Lyons' and Demarre Carroll's nagging injuries and the prospect of Braggin' Rights on the horizon (it's on the horizon for the women too).  Also, Graham Watson has a nice article on Lyons and how he's matured over the years (along with a blog post about how the team is dealing with Carroll's injury), while Jeff Gordon talks about the StL area's college hoops teams.  Oh yeah, and don't forget to check out Cheech's Mizzou-A&T summary.

Kansas 71, Georgia Tech 66.  Decent win for the undefeated Beakers.  They led comfortably for most of the second half, but the Jackets closed at the end and had a shot to tie with :14 seconds left, but KU pulled it out.

Texas 76, Oral Roberts 66.  This one was tied at half, and UT was only up 3 with 9:00 left, but they pulled away down the stretch.  Neither of the Big 12's top two teams looked amazing last night, but they both won.

Finally Stewart Mandel talks about the epic number of football upsets this season...and SI provides an illustrated countdown as well...