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Mizzou Links, 12-2-07

As a poster whose wheelhouse is "What If" and "Wait Till Next Year" posts, I guess I should be relieved that we're finally back into my comfort zone, huh?  Yaaaaaay.  Sigh.  So while a whole slew of Next Year posts are coming, forgive me if I don't want to go into great detail reading about how awful this weekend was.  I'll still point you in the right direction, though.

How did this weekend suck?  Let me count the ways...

In the first round of the NCAAs against #6 Washington, Mizzou Volleyball fought off two match points in Game 4, forced a Game 5...and lost 15-11 in Game 5.  Somehow a Top 16 seed has never lost in the first round, and Mizzou came as close as anybody to making that happen, but for the second straight year Mizzou's early- and mid-season struggles handicapped them in the NCAAs and forced them to play somebody really good really early.  Tatum Ailes had 39 digs in her final match for Mizzou, an insane total.  If they can find a capable replacement for Ailes, Mizzou should be pretty strong next year, as most of their rotation is in the freshman and sophomore classes.

Mizzou Basketball took a 13-point lead early in the second half last night in Berkeley...and then forgot how to shoot, losing 86-72.  After shooting a scorching 65.4% from the field in the first half, Mizzou was bound to cool off in the final 20 minutes...but they cooled off to the tune of 33.3% FGs in the second half.  Oh, and Cal shot 22 FTs in the second half (making 20) to Mizzou's 11 (making only 5).  Cal turned up the aggression, and we didn't match it.

Oh yeah, and we played football too.  I don't really care to read articles about this right now, so here are your main sources:

More analysis forthcoming on what should be a pretty damn interesting Poll (and Bowl) Watch.