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Oh by the way...

...if it were up to me, only three teams would be getting considered for the second BCS Title Game slot against Ohio State:

  1. LSU - I enjoyed making fun of them for their "well, if OT didn't exist, we'd be undefeated" whine, but, well, if OT didn't exist, they'd be undefeated
  1. OU - I think I heard Jesse "I got this job because I was on The Bachelor" Palmer say that USC would be #1 if their QB didn't get hurt...well...OU would be #1 if their QB didn't get hurt AND they didn't lose to freaking Stanford
  1. Hawaii - Yes, I realize just how horrid their schedule was, and yes, I realize they really really struggled to get past a bad Washington team, but I so absolutely despise the thought that a 2-loss team could win the title (and if it's LSU or OU, they will win the title--they're not losing to Ohio State) that I would almost rather see Hawaii there.

That's it.  Not Virginia Tech, not Georgia, not Kansas, not USC, not anybody else.  You can only make a case for those three teams as far as I'm concerned.  But here's the fun part--since people bitched and bitched and bitched about the computer rankings, the BCS tweaked its formula to where the human polls are worth way more than they used to be.  And since human polls are infinitely less volatile than computer polls, OU and Hawaii don't have a snowball's chance in hell.  Really, I'd say the odds are about 55% LSU, 40% Georgia, and 5% anybody else.  If the formula existed as it did a couple years ago, I'd still think LSU had the best chance, but OU's win over the #1 team would earn them a lot more clout in the computers.