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Poll/Bowl Watch

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Just a couple of updates as they hit the 'net...

-- AP Top 25 is released and Mizzou drops to No. 7, which their only losses coming to the No. 3 football team in the nation. Can you find a team with better quality losses? Didn't think so.

-- OSU/LSU appears to be the National Title matchup.

-- Mizzou stays ahead of KU, who came in at No. 8.

-- Mizzou's shot at the Orange Bowl is slim to none, especially with the West Virginia loss, but the fans aren't giving up. In a three-hour span, an Orange Bowl fan poll asking who people want to see has seen Missouri go from 4 percent to nearly 30 percent (as of 1:40 CST)

-- Here's how I think the bowls shake out:

Title: OSU vs. LSU (self-explanatory)
Rose: USC vs. Illinois (3-losses forgivable for "tradition")
Sugar: Hawaii vs. Georgia (Should be a bloodbath)
Fiesta: OU vs. Kansas (make it TWO BCS teams Mizzou's beaten)
Orange: VT vs. WVU (WVU loss knocks MU out of BCS picture)

-- Coaches poll released, and barring any unforeseen computer madness, it'll be OSU/LSU for the title. OU goes to No. 3 in this poll as well, with Mizzou and Kansas Nos. 7 and 8.

Update [2007-12-2 19:52:20 by rptgwb]: It's official: Mizzou is headed to the Cotton Bowl. Click for the official release.