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Quick Thoughts

Just a couple of quick thoughts after Missouri's 38-17 loss to Oklahoma at the Alamodome on Saturday:

  • First of all, congrats to the Oklahoma Sooners. Forget the regular season, forget what happened in Norman, Boulder, or Lubbock - the Sooners looked and played like the Big 12's best on Saturday night.
  • OU's coverage was simply outstanding. The Sooners got decent pressure on Chase, but it seemed like Chase spent 5-6 seconds each play just waiting for receivers to get open, only, no one ever did.
  • Boy, did Mizzou miss Chase Coffman and Pig Brown tonight. Mizzou could have used Coffman's height and vert in the red zone as well as his hands on outlet routes to avoid blitzes. Brown could have helped shore up the secondary on a night that happened to be one of Darnell Terrell's worst.
  • Were William Moore and Chase Daniel the only ones with any fire? Was it just me, or was this about as uninspired of an effort as we've seen from this team this year?
  • Jimmy Jackson silently had a wonderful night. You can't tell it on the stat sheet, but Jackson had several HUGE blocks on reverses, draws, and blitz pickups. As much as I will miss Temple next year, the last half of this season has gotten me all kinds of excited for the Jackson era.
  • So Mizzou and WVU lose in the same night. Despite the loss, anyone else kind of excited to see the sh*tstorm that ensues?
  • No gold pants?
  • Anyone else excited to see how an SEC defense covers our receivers or how Darren McFadden can run on our defense? Me neither.
  • All jokes aside though, one HUGE standing ovation is in order for this Missouri football team. 11-2, Big 12 North champions, No. 1 team in the country (for a week), sweeping the division and exorcising some major demons along the way. To the coaching staff and players, I salute you and thank you for all the joy you've given Rock M Nation this year. Make us proud in the bowl game.