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Mizzou Links, 12-21-07

It's Braggin' Rights time!!  Here's the official release.  And a preview from the Missourian.

Oklahoma 72, Gonzaga 68.  Pretty good win for the young Sooners, who have followed up on a bad loss to SFA by knocking off both the Hogs and the Zags.  Meanwhile...Oral Roberts 74, Oklahoma State 59.  Oy.  The older Sutton brother got bragging rights, and the younger Sutton brother's team is now 5-5.

Two Class of 2009 StL RBs are getting some ink: first, Inside Mizzou's Jeff Ermann catches up with SLUH's Ronnie Ball (who we've already offered); meanwhile, I don't know where to find this online, but the print version of Sports Illustrated has Timberland RB Montee Ball (who we apparently haven't) in its "Faces in the Crowd" section.

And if you're still into 2008 recruiting, the new Chamber just got posted.  Good information about both recruits and redshirting freshmen.  Dave Matter's Thursday News & Notes have some quality info as well...

Injured safety-turned-coach Pig Brown was leading practice drills as always but today was carrying a black and gold sledge hammer with the MU logo painted on it. Don't think Pig's taking these practices lightly. There's no way he'd be able to play in the bowl game, but it'd be nice if he could suit up one more time for the Tigers.

The Missourian talks to players and coaches about stopping Arkansas' Wild Hog Formation.  As you'll see from next week's Arkansas Beyond the Box Score piece (you can't wait, I know), the Wild Hog may only have like 2 plays but, it puts the ball into the right peoples' hands and has a much higher success rate than any formation in which Casey Dick is heavily involved.

Martin Rucker's accepted an invite to the Senior Bowl, while Will Franklin hasn't decided which All-Star game he's going to attend yet.

This is a little creepy and a lot entertaining: Big Head checks out Mizzou players' MySpace pages.  Gotta love the tuxedo T-shirt.  Luellen's formal, but he likes to party.

Poinsettia Bowl: Utah 35, Navy 32.  Looks like it was a pretty entertaining finish.  Navy's late score meant two things: a) Navy covered, helping both my wife's and my entries in the Rock M Pick 'Em, and b) the Over took it by 1 point...hurting both my wife's and my entries in the Rock M Pick 'Em.

Finally, something called the USTFCCCA has the Mizzou Indoor Track & Field Team ranked #23 in the country to start the season.  Woohoo!