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Mizzou Links, 12-23-07's YOUR morning going?  Better than yesterday evening, I hope...

Illinois 59, Missouri 58.  Box score.  Sigh.

Here are your Braggin' Rights articles.  Feel free to skip this bullet if you like.  A Repeat Defeat (The Trib), Another Braggin' Rights Game Slips Away from Tigers (Missourian), Mizzou Loses 8th Straight to Illinois (KC Star), Illini make it 8 -- late (Post-Dispatch), Mizzou's Guards Can't Get the Job Done (Post-Dispatch), Desperation Drives Illini Past Missouri (Chicago Tribune).  And visit PowerMizzou's photo gallery if you want to relive all the, uhh, great moments.

#3 Kansas 78, Miami-OH 54.  KU continues to get revenge on the MAC for that loss to Ball State a few years ago.  Iowa State 83, Purdue 80.  Um...HUH????  Colorado 73, Colorado State 70.  Nice rivalry win for Coach Bz.  Kansas State 90, Winston-Salem 48.  Didn't know there was a Winston-Salem U.  Nebraska 71, NC-Central 28.  Was 35-8 at half.  These last two games are proof that there are just too many NC colleges with basketball teams.

In the South...#10 Michigan State 78, #5 Texas 72.  Leave it to Iowa State to prevent a Big-10-over-Big-12 sweep.  #11 Texas A&M 88, UC-Irvine 66.  #25 Stanford 62, Texas Tech 61.  After yesterday, I still can't tell if the Big 12 is any good at all.  Oklahoma State 69, UT-Arlington 64.  Any win's a good win for Junior Sutton right now.

Today's Cotton Bowl talk: Mizzou's Texans are psyched about playing in the Co Bo.

Loved this KC Star headline: Pinkel watches Braggin Rights game and relaxes even if he looks tense.  Not sure the point of this article, but I continue to enjoy how people like Pinkel's uptight side now...hell, I just enjoy that they like him, period.  Three years ago, the headline would have been "Pinkel watches Braggin Rights game instead of working on fixing his team like he should be doing".

PapaJohn' Bowl: Cincinnati 31, Southern Miss 21.  USM put up a nice fight for their departing coach (seriously, how does USM push a guy out for only going to bowls every season?).  New Mexico Bowl: New Mexico 23, Nevada 0.  UNM's better than I thought they were, I'll say that much.  They looked really good.  Las Vegas Bowl: BYU 17, UCLA 16.  I just checked my picks...could have SWORN I'd picked the Cougs to cover, but apparently I didn't.  Woohoo!