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Mizzou Links, 12-27-07

Good news!  Arkansas is going to attempt to execute the "We're from the SEC and you're not" defense against us!

Hewitt said the Razorbacks' scheme will be a dramatic departure from the way most defenses have played the Tigers. Rather than laying back, the Razorbacks plan to be aggressive.

"Usually teams that go against this offense use soft coverages, and guys are getting open easily out there," Hewitt said. "They're going to get a rude awakening Jan. 1, because they're going to see the press man and a lot of blitz schemes coming after them.

"They forget they're going against an SEC team. It's going to be a great match."

Bring it.  Colorado tried to get physical and aggressive against us.  Ask them how that worked out.

Vahe Gregorian takes a look at a common bond for Mizzou and Arkansas: Frank Broyles.

The football team did indeed make it down to Dallas yesterday (after a bit of a delay), and to say Chase Daniel is in his element right now is an understatement.

Many of his teammates are curious about Southlake, Texas, the Dallas suburb where Daniel’s family lives, and Southlake Carroll, the high school where he was a state champion and national player of the year.

"We’ve already got a ton of people (on the team) who want to come to Southlake and see where I live and see Southlake Carroll — that’s the main thing," he said after practice Thursday. "I’ll have my dad’s (GMC) Denali down there, so I’ll definitely dump in about nine guys at a time and go take them over there."

Tyler Luellen looks back at a career of injuries and determination.  The other 18 seniors get a P-D sendoff as well.  Meanwhile, Gabe gets some feedback on one special season.

Jeff Gordon says something that would have gotten him kicked off of any newspaper staff in the country two years ago: Mike Alden got the job done once again.  Joe Walljasper looks back at 2007 and reaches pretty much the same conclusion.

It's recap season! has a nice Soccer season recap, while Volleyball's having a season-ending celebration (open to public...if you pay) in the Memorial Stadium press box.

Mizzou Basketball looks to bounce back from the latest tough Illinois loss by smoking 3-10 Coppin State tonight.  Close games are a bit of a problem for Mizzou, I'm betting that won't be too much of an issue tonight.  The P-D has a preview.

Remember that Brad Smith guy?  The Jets like him.

Purdue 51, Central Michigan 48.  Purdue blew a big lead, the two teams smoked the over, and my wife maintained at least a tie in the Rock M Pick 'Em with a 1-1 evening.  Meanwhile, I continued my streak of going 1-1 in every single game.