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Mizzou Links, 12-9-07

So listening to Tim Tebow's Heisman speech (he won the Heisman yesterday...did you hear?), I've decided that I simply can't hate him no matter how much I want to.  The dude probably didn't get an A in Public Speaking, but that's okay.  And as much as I want to be annoyed that Chase Daniel finished 200 points behind Colt Brennan, it just doesn't really matter.  And seeing the Missouri QB being the first one to hug "Superman" Tebow after the announcement...stepping back and realizing that while Mizzou got completely shut out during awards least they had guys up for consideration.  That's something, I guess.  Anyway, The Trib has more, and the Missourian shares my sentiments.

Dave Matter starts looking toward the 2008 Heisman race.  Bernie does the same.

And a week later, Vahe Gregorian finishes an in-depth analysis of how and why KU made the Orange Bowl instead of MU.  It's still annoying--and anytime we can garner sympathy in StL, I'm all for it--but I think we're all moving on now.

Mizzou Basketball 73, Purdue 63.  What a weird game.  As against California last week, Mizzou set a shooting pace in the first half that they couldn't possibly sustain...and they didn't.  But after giving up a 23-5 run to start the second half, the Tigers turned around and pulled off a 24-2 run of their own and moved to 6-3 on the season.  So who saved the season?  Apparently Marshall Brown, who played only 3 terrible minutes but whose timeout tirade with 7:40 left lit a fire into a previously flame-retardant bunch.  And being that won't pull up for me at the moment, here's the ESPN box score.

I guess no matter how it went down, it was nice seeing Stefhon Hannah making his wide array of layups again, and Keon Lawrence making a big 3 (hopefully that snaps him out of his slump), and Demarre Carroll actually playing at the end of the game instead of sitting out with 5 fouls.  This game also further confirmed that Leo Lyons is a phenomenal offensive compliment, running up and down the court, getting putbacks and alley-oops, but you just can't run an offense through him.  But we're being positive after a win, so that's all I'll say about that.

SFA 66, Oklahoma 62.  Sure.  The moment I compliment OU (in Thursday's Roundtable), they come out and lay a total egg.  I see how it is.

Iowa State 56, Iowa 47.  Pretty sure I'm glad I didn't see one second of this game.

Kansas 84, DePaul 66.  I did watch quite a bit of this game, and it was just a depressing experience all the way around.  Not only did KU look really good (which is always annoying), but during the game they also talked to Mark Mangino, which just served as a reminder that by losing to MU and not having to play a pissed-off OU team the next week, KU actually beat MU in the end.

Texas 80, Rice 54.  Damion James had 18 points and 17 rebounds.  Jeez.

Texas A&M 109, Texas State 73.  Yeah, I'd say they're the odds-on favorite for 3rd place so far...though I still don't trust their guardplay.

Oklahoma State 78, ETSU 65.  This game was actually 63-59 ETSU with 8 minutes left...OSU's got a decent amount of potential, but they're going to be an absolute roller coaster ride this year.  They're all over the place.

Wyoming 73, Colorado 64.  Was 40-20 at halftime.  Bzdelik's got his work cut out for him.

Oh, and the Mizzou Women blew an 18-point second-half lead to lose to SFA.  Ugh.