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Mizzou Links, 1-10-08

Tigerboard was a wealth of solid links yesterday!  1) Here's a list of local articles about 2008 basketball signees Laurence Bowers, Miguel Paul, and JUCO transfer Keith Ramsay.  2) Next up is a feature on Houston LB Will Ebner, who committed to Mizzou last month.  A little heavy on the religious talk, but he sounds like a pretty solid character guy...can't get enough of those.  3) And finally, via Tigerboard I found this KC Star article on the final football polls.

Tigers recruiting coordinator and quarterbacks coach David Yost was having his own celebration while most of the staff was in California for national coaching meetings. Yost said he learned about the rankings upon waking up on Tuesday.

"I got up and checked my phone and I went to the ESPN wire and saw the final AP poll," Yost said. "I clicked on the story, but I only read down to where it said we were fourth and I quit reading."

Didn’t he peek to see where Kansas and Oklahoma were ranked?

"I just knew they were behind us," Yost said, "and that’s all I needed to know."

The Missourian has a nice story on Jason Horton and the steadying contributions he's making to this year's team despite the fact that he's shooting less than ever before.  Didn't know he had a stress fracture last month...that was totally off my radar screen.

The P-D's Bernie Miklasz has a look at the less-than-inspiring local teams.

More than the other programs around here, I'm stewing over Mizzou. In his second season, Mike Anderson is still paying the price for mistakes made during the Quin Snyder era. I have empathy for Anderson.

But that said, Anderson needs to get the ball rolling. He's added the impressive DeMarre Carroll to the mix this season and has six recruits on the way, and so by the 2008-09 season the Tigers will be running low on excuses. By season three, we should expect better results from the Anderson system. And by then, there will be pressure on Coach MA to get the fans back.

"I just want the people to show up," Anderson said. "I'm grateful for the people that have shown up. We've had some crazy circumstances that have taken place, with the weather going bad (for some games). But I have faith in the Missouri fans, because I've seen them do it and sell out for years and years.

Here's a quick football fix for you as we slowly wean ourselves off the pigskin: Gabe Dearmond hands out his postseason awards.  He also throws in a mostly-football mailbag as well.

#23 Colorado 70, Mizzou Women's Basketball 58.  Sounds like the ladies put up a decent fight but couldn't keep it up.  The Missourian and KC Star have recaps.  Meanwhile, Joe Walljasper wrote a decent Big 12 women's preview...uphill battle for Cindy Stein, that's for sure.

Finally, via Mizzourah, I find this from Double Extra Point (wherever they got it)...I saw the South Park thing before, but this one is much more entertaining.  Gotta love Mangino's and sleepy Sherman's...though I was hoping Hawkins' would just be a picture of Nick Nolte's mugshot...