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Top 10 Moments: No. 7 - The Plunge

Before we dive headfirst into basketball season, I've compiled a list of the Top 10 moments from a Mizzou football season chocked full of them. Each day, I'll unveil another moment until we culminate with the single most memorable moment from the 2007 season.

7. The Plunge
(no video available)

-- This moment didn't seal a victory for Mizzou. It wasn't a great feat of human athleticism. Hell, it didn't even come in a win. But Jimmy Jackson's four-yard touchdown plunge on an option late in the third quarter against Oklahoma meant one thing to both Mizzou players and fans: this team was ready to compete with the best. While we all know how Oklahoma refuted those claims (and rightfully so after the Big 12 Championship), Mizzou had stood toe-to-toe with the conference's best in Norman and was another solid quarter of turnover-free football from being the team to beat in the Big 12. Mizzou's late lead in Norman, no matter how brief, was a signal to Mizzou fans and to the nation that this team was ready for the big time and ready for big stages.


  1. The Punt Return
  1. The Hurdle
  1. The Kick Return
  1. The Plunge
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