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Mizzou Links, 1-11-08

First bad news of the offseason: DE John Stull was arrested for possession.  Is that two strikes?  Three?

Along with the newest Chamber, Gabe posts a look into the unofficial football scholarship count for 2008.  If nobody quits (or gets kicked off the team), we've only got one more scholarship to give in this recruiting class.  But somebody always quits (or gets kicked off the team), so we've likely still got 3-4 left.  It's interesting to think about who might leave, but I guess we'll wait and see.

Speaking of transfer threats, this Missourian article makes me feel a little better about Keon Lawrence sticking around a couple more years.

"When I first met him, they was just throwing at me, saying they got this prep school guy that can guard you and all of this," Lawrence said of his first encounter with [Zaire] Taylor. "I was like ‘he can’t guard me,’ and it was Zaire. He made me work for every bucket. I had to really pull some tricks out my hat."

Their friendship grew from there. Taylor said it works just like picking out clothes from a closet. Some articles of clothing just work well together.

"We just clicked," Taylor said. "We go together. We match. We blend together good."

And that has made them important to each other. Lawrence has never been to a wedding, but he knows he will make a splash at his first. No, he is not getting married. Taylor is, and Lawrence will be standing beside him as the best man.

"We’re going to have some fun," Lawrence said.

Both the KC Star and the Trib have Mizzou-centric Big 12 Basketball previews, while the Post-Dispatch posts its Big 12 predictions, along with a feature on their surprise 4th-place pick, Baylor.

Here's a preview of #16 Mizzou Gymnastics' season debut against Bowling Green.


Via Sunday Morning QB, it's everybody's favorite's the victory chain, or as I like to call, the Transitive Property!

We might have beaten every team on our schedule but one, but we wouldn't have stood a chance against Alfred!  After all, they did beat Hartwick...who beat Ithaca...who beat Cortland State...who beat Western Connecticut State...who beat Iona...who beat Wagner...who beat Marist...who beat Georgetown...who beat Bucknell...who beat Fordham...who beat Rhode Island......who beat UMass...who beat Villanova...who beat Delaware...who beat Navy...who beat Pittsburgh...who beat West Virginia...who beat Oklahoma.

But least we're not Baylor, who's only 8 links of the chain away from losing to Tusculum.

I should just stop now.  I could do this all day.