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Top 10 Moments: No. 5 - The Record

Before we dive headfirst into basketball season, I've compiled a list of the Top 10 moments from a Mizzou football season chocked full of them. Each day, I'll unveil another moment until we culminate with the single most memorable moment from the 2007 season.

5. The Record
(cue video to 5:42 or -1:20)

-- Missouri entered the Cotton Bowl coming off of an embarrassing loss to Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship and the Tigers needed to make a statement. While most expected Chase Daniel and the aerial attack to do the talking, it was Tony Temple - Sir Bowl Game, himself - who put Mizzou's name back in the mouths of the talking heads come end of the season polls. Temple's 281 yards and 4 TDs bested the record held by Rice's Dicky Maegle for 54 years, breaking the record on a breathtaking 40-yard touchdown that included both a spin move and a pulled hamstring near the goalline. The touchdown gave Mizzou one last endearing image of the 2007 season - Tyler Luellen and Chase Daniel carrying Temple to sideline to keep the pressure off his hamstring, but perhaps also to repay him for carrying Mizzou on the national stage on New Years Day in Dallas.


  1. The Punt Return
  1. The Hurdle
  1. The Kick Return
  1. The Plunge
  1. The Fumble Return
  1. The Record
  1. Coming tomorrow