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Top 10 Moments: No. 4 - The Scramble

Before we dive headfirst into basketball season, I've compiled a list of the Top 10 moments from a Mizzou football season chocked full of them. Each day, I'll unveil another moment until we culminate with the single most memorable moment from the 2007 season.

4. The Scramble
(cue video to 3:20 or -4:34)

-- As the season progressed, Heisman consideration continued to grow for Chase Daniel, but entering the season finale with Kansas, Daniel still lacked that one shining "moment" for all the Heisman highlight reels. For the first 11 games of the season, the closest Daniel had been to such a moment was on a few key runs against Nebraska and a scrambling touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin against Kansas State. Then against Kansas, with the first half winding down and Mizzou working on a drive that began at the 2-yard line, Daniel's Heisman moment arrived. ESPN's Bruce Feldman defined it the next morning, breaking down the Heisman contenders:

His crafty footwork may have been most evident when he evaded a rush on a third-and-11 and fired a strike to Danario Alexander falling into the corner of the end zone to cap a 98-yard TD drive, breaking the game open for Mizzou.


  1. The Punt Return
  1. The Hurdle
  1. The Kick Return
  1. The Plunge
  1. The Fumble Return
  1. The Record
  1. The Scramble
  1. Coming tomorrow