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Top 10 Moments: No. 3 - The Hit

Before we dive headfirst into basketball season, I've compiled a list of the Top 10 moments from a Mizzou football season chocked full of them. Each day, I'll unveil another moment until we culminate with the single most memorable moment from the 2007 season.

3. The Hit
(cue video to 2:23 or -7:33)

-- Ultimately, "The Hit" itself had little to no significance in terms of its contribution to the game in which it occured. It was merely a first down tackle early in the first quarter of an eventual blowout of a team that failed to qualify for bowl eligibility. But after William Moore flew down to the flats to blow up Marlon Lucky on a dump off from Sam Keller, the Missouri defense was never the same. Through non-conference, the Tiger D had looked quick but exceedingly soft and incapable of imposing a physical will on opponents. Moore's hit sparked both the defense and the crowd, and began the reinvigoration of the Mizzou defense in Big 12 play, elevating Missouri to becoming a legit contender on the national scene. "The Hit" gave birth to the William Moore we saw and loved in the season's second half, incited more inspired play from the rest of the unit, and had noticeable carryover to games like Texas Tech, where the Mizzou secondary intimidated receivers into countless mistakes.

On unrelated side notes, I can't help but watch this video and love two things:

  • Pig Brown's illegal destruction of Mo Purify on the near sideline. It's dirty, I know. I'm a bad person.
  • The atmosphere at that game was simply electric.


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  1. The Hit
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