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Mizzou Links, 1-16-08

Big game for Mike Anderson's Tigers tonight.  They crushed ISU in Ames last year, and ISU's guards are probably a bit worse than they were last year, but Mizzou hasn't exactly been a world-beater on the road this year.  Hopefully that non-conference slate continues to pay off.  The Post-Dispatch and KC Star have more.

The Star also has a story on Jason Horton and how he's "played his way back into Missouri fans' hearts".  Back?

No seriously...back?  His pouty routine typified everything I hated about the last couple years of the Quin regime.  I was in no way convinced that he was capable of the strong leadership he's showed recently.  He's a steady, calming influence on the team, and kudos to him for that.

Colorado 55, Nebraska 51.  Predictable.  While I think NU will be a pretty dangerous team in Lincoln, they shouldn't be much on the road.  And I'll be impressed if a Bzedelik-Sadler matchup ever produces a team that scores 70.

Baylor 79, Oklahoma State 71.  Take my statement about NU above, replace "NU" with "OSU" and "Lincoln" with "Stillwater".  Meanwhile, Baylor is freaking 14-2, 2-0 in conference.  Yes, they really haven't played anybody, and yes, they have two home wins over ISU and OSU, but...Baylor!  14-2!  2-0!

Check out Steve Walentik's Big 12 Power Poll.  A decent amount of movement considering how few games have been played at this point.

So apparently Oklahoma State actually has a good women's basketball team (has that ever happened before?), and apparently Mizzou plays them in Stillwater tonight.  Good to know.  The Missourian has more.

Congrats to Mizzou's Tatum Ailes, who just joined Lindsey Hunter on the USA Volleyball Training Team.

Finally, over at PowerMizzou Gabe keeps dropping hints about the big football recruiting weekend that lies ahead...while the (un)official visitors list won't be given until Friday's Chamber (that darn Gabe...), we do know that Texas DE Jacquies Smith is back in the picture for the Tigers.