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Mizzou Links, 1-18-08

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NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! you think they make a Faurot Field banner for 2007 Anderson & Hester National Champion?  I sure hope so...

Bruce Walker really likes his hometown, and he really wants the Central Washington job.  I'm betting he gets it.  Dave Matter has more.

UPDATE, 12:22pm: Or not.  Shows what I know.

It's the Chamber!!!

I hope The Beef isn't hurt that John Anderson is doing Q&As with other people now too.

At my first Big 8 Conference indoor track meet, in 1984, we were picked to finish seventh by the coaches. Our coach, Mizzou Hall of Famer Bob Teel, came into our team meeting and told us that he believed we were better than that, but if we gave our best effort he didn’t care if we finished seventh as long as the eighth place team was... He then paused... got all flush... and said the immortal sentence: "Men, I’d rather spit than be a Jayhawk."

The Missourian talks about the challenges KU presents this weekend, while the Post-Dispatch asks "If not now, when?"  And they're not talking about Mizzou beating KU.  And in case you're too depressed after reading that article, they also have a pretty nice one about Leo Lyons personal growth.

What?  An NBA Link that doesn't involve Portland?  That must mean Linas Kleiza scored 41 points last night...that, or some blockbuster trade might be in the works...

Bob Stoops found himself a new co-offensive coordinator.

Mizzou Softball: Preseason Big 12 #4.