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Mizzou Links, 1-22-08

Lots and lots of recruiting news.  First, PowerMizzou has a handy Weekend Rewind for you, plus updates on Sedrick Johnson and Zaviar Gooden.  Meanwhile, Inside Mizzou pops up with some 2009's a story on where Mizzou stands with StL RB Montee Ball (or better yet, where Ball stands with Mizzou), and flipping to basketball, here's a new name for '09: Kansas sharpshooter Jeff Reid.

And while your mind is on recruiting, be sure to check out Sunday Morning QB's great analysis of how recruiting rankings impact on-the-field results.  What I gathered most from this analysis was that the extreme blue chip prospects are easy to spot, and the teams that get those guys have by far the best chance at success, but after that it's one giant crapshoot.  If you have a Top 10 recruiting class, it's going to be hard not to be really good--unless you're Florida State.  But if you're in the 11-40 range (as Mizzou will always be), it probably doesn't matter much.  And if your class in the 50-70 range, you're probably not going to be very good--unless you're West Virginia.

As a buddy of mine told me last night, I'm pretty sure "Drake & Baylor ranked in this week's Top 25" is a pretty good hint that I should stop by Gerbe's after work today and pick up as many canned goods as I can fit in my cart.

Here are Steve Walentik's weekly Big 12 b-ball notes.

Baylor had not won a Big 12 road game since Feb. 25, 2004. That changed Saturday as the Bears (15-2, 3-0) went to Nebraska, battled back from a five-point halftime deficit and scored a 72-70 win to snap a 25-game conference road losing streak. It was perhaps the best evidence yet that they’re ready to challenge for a place near the top of the Big 12 standings and an NCAA Tournament bid.

The Missourian has a decent article (and a horrible title) documenting Matt Lawrence's struggles.  Meanwhile, Vaidatos Volkus will get another start on Wednesday against Texas Tech.  So that takes care of part of my wish list (since it really won't cut down Lyons' minutes any--more likely Butterfield's).

It's a Rush Renaissance!

Finally, Texas 63, Oklahoma State 61.  Not quite a triple-OT thriller, but exciting nonetheless.