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Mizzou Links, 1-28-08

Rumors were flying yesterday, and apparently they were true: Stefhon Hannah has a broken jaw and is out 4-6 weeks. sent out an official release last night, which is a wee bit inconvenient considering the Big 12 tournament is almost exactly 6 weeks away.  

The KC Star, Trib, Missourian, and Post-Dispatch have more.

This isn't the first nightclub incident for the basketball team this year, and honestly it's not the first incident at Athena this year--can't say I'm a fan of that place.  Mike Anderson needs to institute a 'no clubbing' policy, stat.  (Oh wait, I believe he did.)  Honestly, I'm not sure what this does to the team as a whole.  In a way, it's a good thing because Hannah's a senior and we're more-or-less playing for next year already.  But as for this year, we just lost the player who does the most good things and probably the most bad things as well.  He's obviously the key guy for our offense, but I honestly don't think our defense will lose much.  He takes a lot of chances.

As far as I'm concerned, this is now Keon Lawrence's team.  Most of the time, he plays smart and under-control, but he just hasn't gotten the ball to go in the basket as much as I (or he) thought he would.  Time for him to step up.  And time for JT Tiller to stop averaging about a foul a minute...we're going to need him more.  Still, the new distribution of minutes don't really add up for me yet...gonna have to do a little math and make a separate post later today.

In happier news, Mizzou got a surprise commitment last night.  I have no idea what this does for our scholarship count.  Aaron Boyd is still floating around out there, and apparently the mystery O-lineman who visited this weekend had a wonderful time (plus, if you read last night's chat recap, there's another last-minute 4-star visitor coming in).  We take more than one more guy, and we're over our limit...meaning somebody's not qualifying.

Finally, here's the recap of Mizzou Wrestling's 21-13 win over Cornell...not that you need any more information than what The Beef gave you yesterday.  The Missourian also has a nice write-up.