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The CFB Awards

To help lighten the mood around these parts, I figured today was as good a time as any to reveal my ballot for this year's College Football Blogger Awards. Because, as you know, nothing makes people more comfortable than talking about voting, right?

Click "Full Story" for the ballot...

Best New Blog:
I'm keeping Best New Blog within the Mizzou family, as Big Head and Sleezy over at Mizzourah have developed quite a following in the last 6 months. Besides, who else came up with Big 12 teams as Punch-out characters?

Best Community: MGoBlog
Brian at MGoBlog has become THE resource for all things Michigan, and Michigan fans know that.

Best Writing: Sunday Morning QB
SMQ is one of my favorite blogs with solid analysis and superb writing. The site needs to be a daily stopping point for any self-respecting college football fan.

Best Post: EDSBS: UT Football Player is Intercourse Hero
Quite possibly the funniest news-related story I've seen all year. I nearly got kicked out of class for laughing as I read this, and the audio makes it 300 times better. A close second goes to this post explaining the SEC as Arrested Development characters.

Funniest Blog: Every Day Should Be Saturday
This was far and away the easier vote on my ballot. I don't know where I'd be in my life without EDSBS. Probably more productive and efficient, but hey, what's "productivity" anyway?

Best Analysis: Vote omitted
My vote for Best Analysis will remain blank out of respect to my colleague, The Boy, for his work with the Beyond the Box Score features. I can not vote for anything pertaining to Rock M Nation, but the least I can do is leave this slot symbolically open.

Best MSM: Dave Matter's Behind the Stripes
I'm sure the Mainstream Media Award was supposed to go to a national blogger, but I had to feed some local love to what Matter does with the Trib. The Mizzou community is lucky to have Matter and PowerMizzou's Gabe DeArmond.

The Job Award: House That Rock Built
My favorite Notre Dame blog edges out Addicted to Quack, because, to be fair, Oregon's season was only dismal once Dennis Dixon's knee shattered in 13 pieces. Fate's a cruel, cruel mistress, Oregon. But how's that karma taste, Notre Dame?

Regular Feature: The Good, The Bad, and The Sleezy
While we concerned ourselves with Points Per Play and Success Rates, Mizzourah took a look at the important things we somehow missed out on - things like "attractive women."

Best Photoshop: Sparta needs a bigger bottomless pit
I'll let the picture speak for itself.

Best YouTube: Vote omitted
Again, I'm ineligible to vote for a Rock M Nation-affiliated project, but I refuse to vote in this category as a hat tip to our video czar, ZouDave.

Blogger Championship Series:
ACC: Danny Ford is God (Clemson)
Big East/ND: House That Rock Built (Notre Dame)
Big 12: Burnt Orange Nation (Texas)
Big 10: MGoBlog (Michigan)
Pac 10: Addicted to Quack (Oregon)
SEC: Roll Bama Roll (Alabama)
Non-BCS: Pitch Right (Navy)

Mythical National Championship:
Every Day Should Be Saturday

[editor's note, by rptgwb] Feeding Us Love:
Roll Bama Roll
Corn Nation
Double T Nation (who also has some love for Dave Matter)