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"No tolerance" means, well, 'no tolerance' I guess...

Mike Anderson has suspended almost his entire senior class (Horton, Brown, Butterfield, plus Leo Lyons and then Hannah at a later date) for tomorrow night's game against NU.  Once Matt Lawrence revealed that the weekend curfew was midnight and, well, Hannah got his jaw broken at Athena after midnight Saturday night (and the rumors were flying that plenty of b-ball players were at Athena with him), you kinda knew this was coming.  None of the names on the list surprise me any, and I have absolutely no problem with this.  If these players are stupid enough to continue breaking rules, then they'll continue getting suspended.  I like Mike Anderson's stand here...though I guess we still don't know specifically what happened.

As for what it means for the Nebraska game...well...ouch.  I assume this will be our starting five: 1) Keon Lawrence, 2) Matt Lawrence, 3) JT Tiller, 4) Demarre Carroll, 5) Vaidatos Volkus.  Our bench: Justin Safford, Mike Anderson Jr, Nick Berardini.  That's it.  I assume we'll play a soft zone the whole game, otherwise Volkus will foul out in 10 minutes against Aleks Maric, followed by Safford fouling out 5 minutes later.  Honestly, this couldn't have happened at a worse time--this is probably the most winnable game left on the schedule, and the only matchup problem we had (with a full roster) was Maric.  Well...he's going to get 30 pts and 20 boards tomorrow night (whoever has him in my fantasy college hoops league is giddy right now), but as long as we don't foul everybody out and end up with a finishing lineup of Keon, Matt, Anderson, Berardini, and TJ Cleveland pretending to be a walk-on, I can live with that.  This had to happen for Anderson to get his point across.