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Mizzou Links, 1-29-08

Via Dave Matter's blog, I find this Tuscon Citizen link on Larry Smith.

"A father figure," former UA linebacker Lamonte Hunley said.

"I'm sure a lot of the guys who played on the team would say the same thing. A lot of us didn't have a father at home, and Coach Smith was that role model for all of us.

"He will always be a part of our lives."

The KC Star and Missourian have nice pieces on Larry, along with Bernie Miklasz' "Thank You Larry" piece.  And it was nice seeing all the late-'90s footage on KOMU (though I could have done without the "Kirk Farmer in spring practice" shot).

Here are Steve Walentik's weekly Big 12 basketball notes.

"My heart goes out to Stefhon. I recruited Stefhon. ... I worked the bars, so I understand what happens late at night at bars, probably better than most. It’s just not a good place for people to be at late. You’ve always got trouble there."

— Kansas State Coach Frank Martin on Hannah

Today's Fanning The Flames award goes to J.T. Tiller.  Good lord...

When the players were asked about the early Sunday morning incident or about Anderson’s policy, the team’s information director deferred the questions to Anderson.

A reporter asked Tiller if he was upset at Hannah for apparently being in the wrong place at the wrong time, to which Tiller paused, smiled and then looked at the team’s information director, Dave Reiter, who announced: "Next question."

Matt Lawrence didn't exactly paint the situation in a positive light either.

Matt Lawrence, one of only two players Anderson allowed to talk to reporters after practice, said the players understood the parameters of "zero tolerance."

"Coach Anderson, I think, defined it well enough," Lawrence said. "On the weekends being in our apartment by midnight. On weekdays in by 11.

"The zero tolerance also applies to bars and clubs. I don’t know if they were just going there to eat. I didn’t want to hear too much about it."

The "they" Lawrence likely inadvertently referred to were other MU basketball players, according to Rashid Kikhia, general manager and part owner of the restaurant, nightclub and adjoining pizza place.

One more on Hannah and Mike Anderson, this one from Bryan Burwell.  I linked this one separately from the others, as it has a bit too much of an "It's all Quin's fault!" essence to it for my tastes.

Oklahoma 64, Oklahoma State 61.  Pretty entertaining Big Monday game...Blake Griffin has apparently returned from injury playing better and more important to the Sooners.  Power to him.

Inside Mizzou catches up with Marcus Malbrough, Mizzou's latest football commit.  Meanwhile, PowerMizzou doesn't talk to giant AR O-lineman Matt Hall, who visited Columbia this past weekend, but they do talk to his dad.

Finally...Nick Marable: Big 12 Wrestler of the Week.  Plus, the Trib talks about Mizzou's win over Cornell.