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Bowl Pick 'Em Update: One game left edition tightened up a bit at the end here, but MU 1839 is officially the winner.

Sorry RPT, The Wife, Buck and M7...great runs at the end, but you will not be able to win.

LSU and the under SHOULD be the combination that keeps the tournament over .500

I hope everyone has enjoyed this...I certainly will plan to do it again next year....the more the merrier...even if you are from another site and just been keeping all means...please join up next year.

Click 'Full Story' for standings...

MU 1839: 38-24

RPT: 36-26

The Boy's Wife: 35-27
The Buck Grimm Experience: 35-27
M7Tiger: 35-27

The Boy: 34-28

Big Head: 33-29
Doug: 33-29

MU 46: 32-30

MCBOOM: 31-31
Mizzou Robot: 31-31
Achmed: 31-31

Big Jay: 30-32

The Beef: 28-34
Lucas: 28-34
TailG8Queen: 28-34
MIZ ZOU: 28-34

Intern: 27-35
pehS: 27-35

JKrone: 23-39

Overall Record: 623-617
Winning Percentage: .5024