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Mizzou Links, 1-8-08

LSU 38, Ohio State 24.  Woohoo, our first 2-loss national champ.  Feel the excitement.  I guess with the injuries they overcame, and with the 2 OT road losses, LSU deserved a shot as much as everybody else, but...I was just hoping to avoid this.  I'll get over it...especially when I check out the final polls.

AP: Mizzou = #4 (KU = #7).
Coaches: Mizzou = #5 (KU = #7).

As Ross reported last night, PowerMizzou broke the stories of two DeSmet kids becoming Tigers last night--WR (and former Wisconsin commit) Wes Kemp and Notre Dame transfer Munir Prince (I guess it's okay to publicly mention Prince now?).  (Inside Mizzou has more on Kemp, along with a nice story on Blaine Gabbert's Army All-American experience.  I honestly don't expect much if anything from Prince, but this is as good a PR move as we could hope for...and he could always surprise me.  Kemp's commitment is much more will be interesting to see how he's used--as a WR...TE...WR/TE hybrid...

So everybody and their mother (including RMN) has come up with a 'playoff simulation' this year, and it's very much overdone at this point, but...I find this one interesting (and quite, ahem, accurate).

Daniel scored the first touchdown late in the first quarter when he scrambled for a 10-yard score. The Tigers made it 14-0 in the second quarter on a 12-yard run by Tony Temple after an interception had given Missouri the ball at the Oklahoma 32-yard line.

The Sooners closed the deficit to 24-14 after three quarters, but Jeremy Maclin dealt the Sooners a crushing blow with a 68-yard punt return midway in the fourth quarter to make it 30-14.

Dave Matter decides it's time to look ahead to 2008 to see what's in store for MU and KU.

Will Franklin will be playing in the East-West Shrine Game in Houston in about two weeks.  Yaaaay, Will!

Finally, if you just can't wait till tonight's UMKC-MU game, here's some reading material for you: the official release, here's a P-D preview, here's a Missourian article about Mike Anderson's optimism, here's a KC Star article about Mike Anderson's, uhh, non-desperation, here's a Trib story on future Tiger Steve Moore and his MFA Shootout experience, and here's a Steve Walentik Big 12 Power Poll.  Just look at the records for the teams in the bottom half of this list...there's an insane amount of parity from #4 to's anyone's guess what's about to happen.