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Bowl Pick 'Em Update: The Final Standings Edition

Congrats (again) to MU 1839, though I am not sure his win in our tournament softens the blow of his Buckeys falling last night.  But alas, you take what you can get.  Also to The Buck Grimm Experience who closed going 31-17 to get within a couple of games...and to Achmed who closed an amazing 17-5 to get back to .500 (SICK!!)

Great job also by the group for getting over .500 over the course of all the bowl games.

Also wanted to point out that the couples finished tied amongst each other, though the edge clearly is to The Boy's house at this point.

Hope everyone enjoyed it this year...will get MU 1839 a some point.

Click 'Full Story' for the final standings.

MU 1839: 39-25

The Buck Grimm Experience: 37-27

RPT: 36-28
The Boy: 36-28
The Boy's Wife: 36-28

Big Head: 35-29
M7Tiger: 35-29

Doug: 34-30

MCBOOM: 33-31
MU 46: 33-31

Mizzou Robot: 32-32
Achmed: 32-32

Big Jay: 31-33

MIZ ZOU: 30-34

TailG8Queen: 29-35
The Beef: 29-35
Lucas: 29-35

pehS: 28-36

Intern: 27-37

JKrone: 24-40

Overall Record: 645-635
Overall Winning Percentage: .504