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Top 10 Moments: No. 9 - The Hurdle

Before we dive headfirst into basketball season, I've compiled a list of the Top 10 moments from a Mizzou football season chocked full of them. Each day, I'll unveil another moment until we culminate with the single most memorable moment from the 2007 season.

9. The Hurdle
(cue video to -3:17)

-- With Martin Rucker playing like a man possessed and Jeremy Maclin adding a new speed threat in the slot, Chase Coffman entered the Colorado game having a rather average year by his standards. But on a night in Boulder where Mizzou so thoroughly destroyed so many demons, Coffman came up huge to the tune of three touchdowns, including two for the highlight reels. While Coffman's third touchdown (a one-handed grab in the back of the endzone) may make NFL scouts salivate, his hurdle/spin/shove/reach combo elicited both cheers and laughs in a game with a hell of a lot of levity for Mizzou fans. Despite having tried nearly all year long, the "Y-button" finally perfected the move and helped drive one more nail into the "Mizzou can't win in Boulder" coffin.


  1. The Punt Return
  1. The Hurdle
  1. Coming tomorrow