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Mizzou Links, 10-1-08

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I can't believe it's freaking October...

The Trib has a nice article on the country-wide upsets, and how a couple well-known buddies of Chase Daniel have told him..."Don't let your team do it..."

Nebraska links!

  • KC Star: Missouri's offense can prepare for anything
  • Dave Matter: Cut to the Chase! (“It’s going to be really hostile. We’re going to work with sound. We worked with sound on Saturday. We had two really big speakers out there. You couldn’t even hear yourself think out there. I don’t know how much more loud it can be. I was there sophomore year and it was loud. We got to work on that. Other than that, it’s just going out there and playing football.")
  • The Missourian: Nebraska's 'Poor loser' coach prepares for Tigers
  • KC Star: Struggling Nebraska defense faces biggest challenge in Missouri
  • Post-Dispatch: Considerable ability helps [Derrick] Washington (another strange headline from the P-D folks)
  • Post-Dispatch: [Mike] McNeill is hearing from folks back home
  • Tim Griffin: Nebraska remembers Missouri's spread offense

Mizzourah's got a nice summary of how Hate Week is heating up quite nicely...

SI's Stewart Mandel fits Mizzou in at #3 in his latest power rankings.

Quick recruiting note: another big-time RB will be visiting Columbia soon--this time it's 4-star Tulsa Union RB Jeremy Smith, a current Oklahoma State commit.

Finally, the Hearnes Center has a new look tonight for Mizzou Volleyball's conference battle against Iowa State...not sure what I think about the banners, but they're definitely interesting...