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Week 7 BlogPoll Ballot

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Trying to put a method to the madness...

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 1
2 Texas 3
3 Penn State 3
4 Oklahoma 3
5 Oklahoma State 18
6 Texas Tech 2
7 Brigham Young 2
8 Florida 3
9 Georgia 1
10 Missouri 7
11 Southern Cal 2
12 Utah 2
13 LSU 9
14 Ohio State 2
15 Boise State 3
16 North Carolina 9
17 South Florida 10
18 Kansas 3
19 Vanderbilt 3
20 Virginia Tech 4
21 California 5
22 Oregon 2
23 Michigan State 3
24 Ball State 2
25 Tulsa

Dropped Out: Auburn (#12), Wisconsin (#17)
On the radar:
Fresno State, UConn, Pitt, Florida State, Minnesota, Wake Forest, TCU

Justifications (or at least the best I can do):

  • Before we begin, the delta numbers are off and I'm not sure why. Here's my ballot from last week.
  • 'Bama takes number one, although I certainly have no objections to anyone that places Texas there this week. The tiebreaker for me was where the signature win came. Texas did it on a neutral field, 'Bama did it in Athens. But I think these two are fairly interchangeable as 1A and 1B.
  • Oklahoma on drops to No. 4. This is a bit of Big 12 homerism, I'll admit, since I've dropped other teams much farther after losses. But OU played very well against a team who has legitimate claims to the No. 1 spot in the country.
  • The Mike Gundy Mizzou-killers make a major hop to No. 5. Again, it's a bit of homerism, but they earned at least a Top 10 spot with the road win in Columbia. The perennial "OSU is going to emerge" story is finally playing out as scripted. Now, just please don't lay an egg anytime soon.
  • Texas Tech moves to No. 6, and I'm absolutely sick about it. If Joe Ganz hadn't channeled his inner Ryan Leaf in overtime, Nebraska should have walked out of Lubbock with a win. Yes... Nebraska. Someone help me justify a way to get them out of my top ten.
  • Florida bumps itself up after manhandling a good LSU team.
  • I drop Mizzou seven spots to No. 10, as I justify it by saying the OSU loss was a "better loss" than USC's loss to Oregon State. Now that I look at it, that same philosophy means I should probably bump LSU a bit. Thoughts?
  • After that, I'm not too sure how much else I have to say. Any egregious errors?