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Mizzou Links, 10-13-08

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Alright, a few OSU links, and then we wash our hands of this game.

  • The Trib: Hell on horseback
  • The Trib: Tigers, experts never saw this loss coming
  • PowerMizzou: Sunday Grade Card
  • KC Star: MU, Daniel can still regroup and reach their goals

And as always, Dave Matter empties the notebook...

Missouri’s defense gave up three big plays, but the D didn’t lose this game. MU held Oklahoma State to 130 yards and 24 points below its season averages, made some clutch stops in the second half, forced two takeaways and put the ball in Daniel’s hands to deliver the comeback. Nose tackle Jaron Baston followed up his first sack last week with a strong game in the trenches; Castine Bridges and Carl Gettis came up with a few big plays; and William Moore, Hardy Ricks and Sean Weatherspoon made some timely tackles. Simply put, the standard for which defenses should be judged in the Big 12 has changed over the last few years, and the Tigers’ D did enough to win Saturday’s game.

And now...moving Texas links!

Football recruiting news: a couple of JUCO defenders visited Mizzou this weekend and came away quite impressed.  One (Joshua Tatum) was a big-time recruit out of high school--signed with USC--and has offers from some major programs.  The other (Jarrell Harrison) appears to be a comple and total sleeper recruit--signed with UNLV out of high school.  Meanwhile, the Post-Dispatch tells us that Texas is where the talent is.  Good to know.

Finally, just in case you thought this weekend's crappiness was limited to football...Mizzou Volleyball played alright but got swept at home by Nebraska yesterday (more from the Missourian), and Mizzou Soccer lost to Oklahoma State in OT (more from the Missourian).  Good times.