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Mizzou Links, 10-16-08 loves them some Mizzou Tigers.  Their mid-season All-American team contains two Tigers--Chase Coffman and Sean Weatherspoon (have to figure there are decent odds that Chase Daniel reclaims his spot on this team as well)--while their mid-season Freshman All-American team has Elvis Fisher.

Did Chase Daniel have an offer from Texas?  Did he know UT had jumped back into the recruiting game the last days before Signing Day?  Dave Matter pieces together the fact and fiction of the "Texas spurned Chase spurned Texas" story.  And they've got a pretty silly "what might have been" take as well.  I blacked out after the words "Mike Martz"

Texas links!

Bernie, just because you admit that you're overreacting by spewing out a "The heat is back on Pinkel" column after one damn loss, that doesn't make it okay to spew out a "The heat is back on Pinkel" column after one damn loss.  Sweet jesus.  I shouldn't have even linked to that crap.  Let's just move on...

Well, I guess there's one positive development to Mizzou's loss to OSU--it made the conference look tougher...tough enough to pass the SEC in SI's latest power rankings...of course, I'd have still taken the win...

A couple quick football recruiting notes (and reminders why following football recruiting so close gets really old after a while): Sheldon Richardson is still technically committed to Mizzou, but he's visiting Miami after the season and "announcing his choice" on Signing Day.  Meanwhile, Ronnie Wingo is setting up an official visit to Alabama for January, meaning he won't be announcing for a while either.

After yesterday's Media Day, we've got a couple of Mizzou Basketball links for you, first a "Veteran Tigers have to help out newbies" article from the KC Star, second a series of audio clips from PowerMizzou.

Finally, Mizzou Volleyball beat KU in 4 sets last night, 25-20 25-19 21-25 25-19.  Woohoo!  Border War Showdown points!  Actually, hopefully this is the turning over of a new leaf for Mizzou.  They cut down on service errors (2), outblocked KU (9.5 to 5.0) and hit 0.274 for the match.  Julianna Klein led with 19 kills, but she had twice as many attempts as anybody else.  Wendy Wang, with her 16 kills to 2 errors, was possibly the star of the match.  The Missourian has more.