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Mizzou Links, 10-17-08

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The Trib's Steve Walentik has a solid article about Mizzou's rushing troubles last week and what it means for tomorrow evening's game.  Meanwhile, also from the Trib, Dave Matter talks Texas with two Mizzou grads now in Austin.

Hey did you know Texas spurned Chase Daniel spurned Texas?  I had no idea!  The Missourian has the scoop!  So does the KC Star!

More Texas links!

  • PowerMizzou: Three keys to a Tiger victory
  • Austin American-Statesman: Longhorns' safety Gideon a real backbreaker
  • The Missourian: Tigers still eyeing football title, for now
  • Dallas Morning News: Texas solves short yardage issues
  • No. 1 Texas, No. 2 Alabama face dangerous games (I was researching a Football Outsiders article about upsets--due out later today--and it seemed like Mizzou and Ole Miss were the teams who pulled off more upsets and unexpected wins in the '70s than anybody else.  And now they're playing the #1 and #2 teams!  It's a sign!  A sign, I tell ya!)
  • Orakpo helps fuel Texas defensive turnaround (Now, I'm as scared of UT's defense as anybody, but they've faced one good offense and gave up 35 points.  Just sayin'.  The offensive turnaround has been more impressive than the defensive turnaround, at least to me.)
  • KC Star: Saturday's MU-Texas preview

Also from the Austin American-Statesman, a nice column by Kirk Bohls about Mizzou's overall longevity.

"I think Missouri football is here to stay," said Bill Glenn, a sports marketing executive and MU grad who's president of the Dallas-Fort Worth Tigers booster club. "We've got a couple of good quarterbacks following in Chase Daniel's footsteps, and if you have a good quarterback, you can have a successful team."

The flagship school from the Show Me State has shown up. The 11th-ranked Tigers are here to stay as an elite football program and here's why:

Pinkel, who ranks loyalty high among his character values, is probably sticking around, even if his former employer, Washington, and his mentor, Don James, come calling. Why endure another rebuilding program after doing so well at Toledo and Missouri? Alden lured him away from Toledo when Arizona State, Maryland and Oklahoma State couldn't.

"He's the guy," Alden said. "He's the brand of Tiger football, but really the Tigers overall. He's been terrific."

Tell that to Bernie Miklasz...

Nice...hadn't seen this sure it came from an ATM site or something, but...yeah, nice...

Finally, here's a Mizzou basketball drinking game for you: finish your drink anytime you see a Mizzou baksetball article with the words "fresh start" in the title over the next two months.  You should stay pretty constantly buzzed.  Then again, you probably read these Links posts in the morning, and you probably shouldn't be consistently buzzed in the morning...