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Mizzou Links, 10-2-08

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Well this is pretty awesome--the OSU and Colorado games have officially sold out.  We've got a decent shot at averaging 64K per game this year, which is pretty good after the rain-dampened Nevada game.



The Missourian states the obvious: William Moore is a huge part of the Mizzou defense.  Meanwhile, the Trib has a nice article on Mizzou's cornerbacks and their lust for redemption.

[J]ust like last year’s turbulent start in nonconference play, big plays have been the culprit. The Tigers have given up nine passes of 25 yards or more - the same number they surrendered during nonconference play last season. But here’s the good news for the Tigers: Only three of those long passes have come in the last three games.

On the other hand, it’s the big ones that stand out. Nevada caught the MU secondary napping with a 42-yard touchdown pass in the final seconds of the first half on Sept. 13. A week later, Missouri mostly tamed Buffalo’s passing game but gave up a 32-yard scoring pass midway through the second quarter.

"I don’t think we give up a lot of plays, just too many big plays," Gettis said. "Those plays are what really kills our secondary."

Nebraska Links!

  • Corn Nation: Should Missouri Be Considered Nebraska's Rival?  (The question's catching on!)
  • Tim Griffin: Should Missouri Now Be Considered Nebraska's Major Rival?  (Like I said...)
  • Omaha World-Herald: Time of Possession looms large for NU (No, no it doesn't.  Mizzou's last in the conference in TOP right now, and they seem to be doing just fine.)
  • PowerMizzou: A Meaningless Streak
  • Omaha World-Herald: Missouri over NU?  Absolutely.
  • MIssourian: Tigers hope they're mature enough for trip to Nebraska
  • Lincoln Journal-Star: NU's McNeill, Mizzou's Maclin friends off the field
  • Omaha World-Herald: Huskers hungry for another shot at Mizzou
  • Post-Dispatch: Where's the 'D'?
  • Omaha World-Herald: Mizzou receiver Maclin leaves defenders breathless
  • Post-Dispatch: Pelini can't handle losing, which is fine by him

Jake Harry knows that less is more.  Meanwhile, Jeff Wolfert is in the moment.

Finally, Mizzou Volleyball's NCAA chances are holding on after last night's 3-2 home win over Iowa State.  It was a 5-setter that wasn't actually very close.  Mizzou dominated the first two sets (25-15, 25-15), got thumped in the 3rd (25-16), lost the only close set in the 4th (25-22), then dominated the fifth (15-7).  In all, they outscored Iowa State 103-87, outhit them .259-.165, and outdug them 82-74.  Iowa State stayed in the match by outblocking the FIghtin' Kreklows, 12.0-5.0, but Mizzou pulled it out.  They're now 2-2 in the Big 12 and 8-6 overall, having won 3 in a row.  The Missourian has more.