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Mizzou Links, 10-24-08

It's...The Chamber!!! It's a big one, too.

Colorado Links!  Judging by the half-assed hits RMN is getting and the half-assed articles people are writing about this game, I'm not thinking anybody's heart is in this one.  We need some positivity to get behind...POSITIVITY.

  • The Missourian: New QB system works for Colorado.  Define "works"...they're 1-0 with it, having scored 14 points against a bad defense.
  • KC Star: Missouri is focused on beating Colorado.  Well...good.
  • Post-Dispatch: Missouri defense keeps Texas thrashing in mind.
  • Denver Post: Missouri trip is no vacation
  • Mizzourah: Good, Bad and Sleezy

Aaaaand...that's about it.

Chase Coffman: really, really good.  Just like his dad.  (Dave Matter's got more Coffman blurbs at his blog.)

Finally, to basketball.  PowerMizzou's got Media Day quotes from Mike Anderson...

Q. Do you feel like this is a team that can kind of surprise some teams, maybe in the North and in the Big 12, kind of jump into that upper half and get competing with maybe the top four we see in the preseason poll?

COACH ANDERSON: I'm really excited about the team. When I get excited that means there's good things on the horizon. Number one, I'm used to winning. And, again, this team is going to be young, but I think we have a nice mixture. And I think a lot is going to depend on how these guys come about, how they come along.

I think the Canadian trip, it gave me an idea the potential of this team. And so now what we've done now is just we roll up our sleeves. Went back in the gym. We've been doing two-a-days they like that because I cut that out, this is the last of two-a-days but they've been working extremely hard. This team is going to be one of those teams, they're going to bring their helmets to the game every single night. I think when you bring that you'll give yourself a chance.

With that being said, I think we've got a chance to really develop this year and with our schedule we've got a lot of different kind of tests.
Early on we play in the Puerto Rican shootout, opened up against an Xavier team that was in the Elite Eight in that tournament and also is Southern Cal. Memphis, Seton Hall. You name it, you've got some great teams. Virginia Tech. So those are going to be some tremendous tests for us early on, and we'll get tested.

California coming into the Mizzou Arena. I'm excited about that. The Border War series, every year against Illinois and of course we play on the road against Georgia. So I think the development of our basketball team, hopefully with that schedule, it will get us really, really ready for the Big 12, which I think is going to be good this year as well.

The Missourian's got more.  So does the KC Star (in a less patient tone).  And the Post-Dispatch (though they call us "Missouri University", which sounds all sorts of weird).