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Big 12 Football Midterm

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It's late-October and Big 12 play is halfway through... Have you prepared for your midterm?


1. According to your economics book, which of the following stocks plummeted during the panic of 2008?
 Bear Stearns, Inc.
 Texas A&M Football
 All of the above

2. In the communication presentation, what did we identify as an improper response to the question, "Who is Iowa State's quarterback?"
 "Wait, did Seneca Wallace graduate?"
 "Wait, did Bret Meyer graduate?"
 "What's an 'Austen Arnaud?'"
 All of the above

3. How could Dan Hawkins have better spent four hours last weekend?
 Reprising his role in North Dallas Forty
 Headbutting Ralphie
 Playing intermurals, brother
 All of the above

Rest of the test after the jump...


4. Using your notes from "Psychology of Big 12 North Fan Bases," what is the expected response now that Nebraska sits tied for the Big 12 North lead?
 Dozens of newborn children named "Bo"
 "Fire Pederson! Oh, wait..."
 All of the above

5. According to a common cliche, what can money not buy you?
 Wind energy and a stronger hedge fund
 Six yards on a screen pass to Dez Bryant on 4th down in Austin
 All of the above

6. How should the Kansas football play to its strengths and address its defense after the Texas Tech game ?
 Better low post presence
 Run the Box and 1
 Full-court pressure
 All of the above

7. What's been the highlight of Kansas State's season so far?
 at Louisville, PURPLE PANTS!!
 vs. Oklahoma, one half of relevance
 at Texas A&M, a signature win for 2008
 All of the above

8. What facet of Oklahoma football is now in pieces?
 The shutdown defense
 Bob Stoops' big game reputation
 Ryan Reynolds' ACL
 All of the above

9. According to Capt. Leach's Meteorology lecture, what has been the most puzzling portion of this year's Air Raid weather patterns?
 Its surprising ineffectiveness against cold fronts from Reno
 Its accumulation of strength while moving across Lawrence, Kan.
 It's almost November and the storm is still threatening
 All of the above

10. Name the only things that have slowed Texas this year. 
 Hurricane Ike
 Oklahoma State
 Will Muschamp's mercy
 All of the above

11. What questions might Robert Griffin ask before he gets in the hot tub?
 Will it make me sweat?
 Should I get in the hot tub?
 Will it make me wet?
 All of the above

Professor's Note: If you answered anything other than "All of the above" for any of the questions, you will be ruled academically ineligible. Punishments will be handed out at the discretion of the NCAA, ranging from one-game suspensions to forced transfer to the Big East.