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Mizzou Links, 10-29-08

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Dave Matter's got a nice post up about a) Washington's coaching search (which may not even include Gary Pinkel) and b) Big 12 bowl scenarios.

With tie-ins to the BCS, Cotton, Gator and Sun Bowls, Notre Dame (5-2) could have significant implications on Missouri’s bowl destination. Here’s a good Fighting Irish bowl synopsis from the South Bend Tribune, which mentions a potential MU-Notre Dame matchup in the Cotton Bowl:

The Irish are in the third year of a four-year loose agreement with the Cotton Bowl in which the bowl can swap out an Southeastern Conference team for Notre Dame once during that four-year cycle to match up with the highest-ranked Big 12 team that doesn’t land in the BCS. The Big 12 will likely get two teams into the BCS, so that would leave high-octane offensive teams Texas Tech, Oklahoma State or Missouri as a possible matchup here.

“Our history goes way back with Notre Dame,” Cotton Bowl president Rick Baker said. “Since this is our last year in the Cotton Bowl before we move to the new Cowboy Stadium, there’s sort of a nostalgic feel to this year’s game. To have Notre Dame at 9-3 or 8-4 sitting there would certainly cause us to take a look at them.”

I'll say this: if we have to go back to Dallas again, I'm all for beating the hell out of Notre Dame.  Sorry, mcboomofdoom.

Even if Pinkel's not on the UW short list, that's not going to stop people from op/ed'ing about it.  Step right up, Brian Burwell.

Jeremy Maclin: great.

Baylor Links!

You've probably read something like this before, but the Dallas Morning News has a solid article on just how many great college arms come from the state of Texas.

Finally, MU-KSU is officially a sellout.  Good.  Never thought I'd see the day where we have three sellouts in the same season.  Next year, we go for four.